Summary of English Teachers'Work in Senior Three This semester, I got the trust of the school leaders to continue to serve as English classes in Class 7 and 8 of Senior Three.In the year of Senior Three, both teachers and students are honed once.It's a year full of challenges and hardships.As an English teacher in Senior Three, I earnestly and conscientiously do a good job in teaching, and spend most of my time studying and researching new questions and preparing for college entrance examination.Looking back on this year, it is busy, full and worth summarizing and reflecting. Now, I summarize the work of English teaching in Senior Three of this year as follows, in order to promote and improve it. In terms of business, in line with the situation of China's educational reform and the requirement of the characteristic "3 + comprehensive" college entrance examination, we should continue to learn, innovate boldly and make progress actively, and strive to improve our own quality from all aspects of education and teaching: First, study hard.From the day I learned that I was going to continue my senior year, I began to learn the syllabus and instructions of the college entrance examination in the last five years, as a reference, and began to make the first round of reviews of the topics, in order to make full preparations for the beginning of the school. At the same time, I also bought some extra-curricular tutoring exercises for the college entrance examination, and I personally did the topics in these books from beginning to end.In order to make up for some shortcomings of their own, and then carefully study these topics, typing out typical, error-prone, confusing topics (using PPT) in the classroom after school, and give some analysis; this has been unanimously praised by students.I have always kept in mind the famous saying: as a teacher, if you want to give students a glass of water, you must have at least one bucket of water.This prompted me to continue learning, research and exploration. Second, prepare every lesson carefully.In the first semester of Senior Three, our school has adopted the new curriculum standard, which combines the first round of basic knowledge review of "Guidance and Practice" in senior high school English.As our students in Grade One and Grade Two of Senior High School are learning new standard English textbooks, which almost cover the vocabulary and grammar required in the whole senior high school stage, the professor of the new standard textbooks seems to add more vocabulary to the students, so many students are reluctant to listen to the teacher's teaching, and think this is a superfluous move.In order to avoid the spread of this bad phenomenon, I delve into textbooks, consult reference materials in many ways, regard the textbooks at hand as treasures, digest them thoroughly and digest them carefully. At the same time, I connect the relevant knowledge points and new knowledge points I have learnt before with my colleagues in the same grade and discuss them from time to time. On the one hand, I can make up for my lack of teaching experience in Senior Three.On the other hand, it also makes students feel that the professors of the new curriculum standard textbooks can not only enable them to learn new knowledge, but also enable them to consolidate some of the knowledge they have learned.I know that based on textbooks, consolidating basic knowledge is the only way for students like us in ordinary classes.Both teaching and reviewing should pay attention to practical results and serve students in a real way. Third, make great efforts to teach every lesson.I am well aware that students'learning is focused on the classroom, and strive to benefit from 40 minutes. According to the actual situation, students' enthusiasm can be fully mobilized.In the process of teaching, in line with the principle of "cultivating subject consciousness and strengthening classroom training", I actively do a good job in students'ideological work, improve the consciousness, enthusiasm and initiative of learning, and help students build up confidence. 4. Correct the homework carefully and give students feedback on the homework situation in time. Correct the errors in the homework collectively in class. It greatly reduces the probability of making similar errors in the

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