Summary of English Teachers'Teaching Work in Primary Schools Guidance:This paper summarizes 3 pieces of teaching work of primary school English teachers for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. The work summary must also summarize the experience and lessons from the theoretical height.Every correct practice will produce both material and spiritual results.The following is a summary of primary school English teachers'teaching work for your reference. The primary school English teachers' teaching work summary (1) I have always supported the Party's education policy and loyalty to the Party's education cause. Since one semester, I have been conscientious and conscientious in my work, and have been a teacher's model.This semester, I have been teaching English in Class 31 and Class 61. In teaching, I strictly abide by the five links of teaching. Before class, I prepare lessons carefully, prepare textbooks and students, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, make great efforts to implement classroom reform, actively explore happy English classes in primary schools. The purpose of English teaching in primary schools is to stimulate students'interest in learning English and cultivate students' teaching.Enthusiasm in learning English enables them to build up self-confidence in learning English. At the same time, they can cultivate students'language sense and good pronunciation and intonation foundation, laying a foundation for further learning.In English classroom teaching, how to create a good learning atmosphere and stimulate students'interest is an important part of English teaching in primary schools.The following is a summary of the teaching situation based on the teaching practice of this semester: 1. Preparing lessons carefully and teaching to all, preparing lessons carefully, reading all kinds of textbooks carefully, compiling teaching plans carefully and making good teaching plans according to their own teaching experience and students'learning situation, and constantly improving and modifying them. While imparting students' knowledge, they are concerned about it.Care for students, especially poor students, pay close attention to them in class, teach them not to give up halfway in their study, while ideological education, but also patiently guide students to review missing knowledge.Make them keep up with the rest of the class.Help them build up confidence in learning all kinds of knowledge.2. Optimize classroom teaching and strive to improve classroom efficiency 1. In the classroom, teach seriously, use physical teaching aids, simple strokes, situational teaching, gesture language and other methods to inspire and educate students.Teach students to play games and sing English songs to stimulate students'interest in learning.Encourage students to question boldly, pay attention to the teaching methods with students as the main body and teachers as the guidance, and fully mobilize students'learning enthusiasm.Students have problems and do not understand the place, I always tirelessly explain, analyze, take reading, strive to let them learn to understand, understand and use.2. In correcting homework.Students'homework is always corrected in time according to the 3COME Document Channel, and annotated in detail. They repeat the explanation and analysis of common errors in the whole class.In view of individual students'homework, face-to-face batch method is adopted to analyze and explain one by one to help students solve difficult problems, which greatly improves the quality of teaching.3. In listening.In order to improve students'listening ability, students are often asked to listen to English songs and tapes of English conversations. They are also asked to perform dialogues and endorse books.In a word, since the first semester, I have made great efforts to do all kinds of teaching work, diligently imparting all kinds of English conversation knowledge to students, and striving to develop a happy classroom. I have students'achievements achieved have some results, been and greatly improved.Summary of English Teachers'Teaching Work in Primary Schools (2) Since one semester, I have done my duty, conscientiously, and become a teacher.In teaching, I strictly follow the five links of teaching

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