Summary of Electric Power Safety Workers'Work (2) Since this year, under the correct leadership of coal and power companies and higher authorities, the power plant construction project Department of the company has earnestly implemented a series of safety production policies, policies, laws and regulations of higher organizations and departments in accordance with the national safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive management", and has been responsible for the construction of the main body of safety and the investigation and management of hidden dangers.A great deal of work has been done in the methods of 100-day safety production and June safety month activities, which have promoted the rapid development of the company's safety production situation.Now my company's safety production work since this year is briefly summarized and reported as follows: 1. Completion of production safety indicators: 1As of August 30, 20xx, thermal power construction company completed 11.9502.1 million yuan of work, Dongyuan Construction Company completed 535.2 million yuan of work, Kunming Ruishun Company completed 1.35 million yuan of work, Qujing Liaogao Municipal Company completed 94.38 million yuan of work, a total of 14.779.21 million yuan of work. 2Completion of safety indicators: Up to August 30, 20xx, no minor accidents occurred. 2. Major work done: 1Establishing and perfecting safety production rules and regulations.In accordance with the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Safety in Electric Power Construction, the competent department of safety production of the company has formulated 16 Measures for Safety, Health and Environmental Management of Enhong Power Plant for Comprehensive Utilization of Coal Gangue, which further standardizes the safety management of power plant construction, and at the same time, strengthens the enthusiasm and responsibility of the cadres and staff of the company and the participating units for safety work.Sense. 2Strict implementation of the security conference system and inspection system.Since this year, the company's power plant construction project department has cooperated with the power supervision company to strictly implement the "site routine meeting" and "safety routine meeting" held every Friday, the safety inspection system on the 20th day of each month, and the two safety inspection systems in the morning and afternoon of each day.Every Friday's "regular site meetings" and "regular safety meetings" focus on checking the implementation of the safety, quality, progress and existing problems arranged last week, and arranging the safety, quality and progress work arranged for next week.The major safety inspection on the 20th of each month focuses on the implementation of safety, health and environmental management this month.Every morning and afternoon inspection focuses on the safety of the construction site.The long-term persistence of this work strongly guarantees the hidden development of the company's safety work throughout the year. 3In accordance with the State Electric Power Construction Safety Work Regulations, thermal power companies have set up "six cards and two drawings" in the construction area, produced more than 300 safety warning signs, and invested 350,000 yuan in safety, which has set up a model role in the scope of the company's project construction work. 4Strictly implement the system of safety production inspection and accident hidden danger investigation and rectification, and eliminate accident hidden danger in time.Since this year, our company has insisted on carrying out a major safety inspection on the 20th of every month to investigate the safety situation and hidden dangers of this month. The safety inspection should be carried out according to the requirements of "seven passes". The management system, management ideas, safety facilities, safety protection, machinery and equipment, the use of labor protective equipment, certificated induction, accident handling and other aspects should be inspected without any dead ends.From January to August this year, a total of 15 hidden safety hazards were found, mainly scaffolding erection, safety net installation is not standardized, etc. With the cooperation of Linli Company, after issuing a rectification notice, the rectification rate of hidden d

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