Summary of Knowledge Points of Compulsory First Language in Senior One Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Qinyuanchun Changsha   1Put a note on it: Secretion Qinyuan Chunbai The frustration, the admonition, the containment and the exhaustion The chieftain swaggered at the dried and vigorous chieftain and scolded the scattered flowering vines for their melancholy and dense silk outlines. Prepare for rain: Repair the doors and windows of the house before it rains.   2Literary knowledge: Ci: It is also called Shiyu, Long and Short Sentences, Quci and Yuefu. It is a special genre of traditional Chinese poetry. It originated in Sui and Tang Dynasties, and was popular in the Song Dynasty at the beginning. Later, it gradually separated from music. It has become a pure literary style, which can be divided into three parts: minor, medium and long tones. A section of the Ci is called "Que" or "Film". Cipai: The name of the melody used by the ancients in filling in Ci poems has little to do with the content of the works. The word structure of the same Ci poem has the same and different CI poems. The number of paragraphs, sentences and rhythm of each CI poem, the number of words, the pattern and the rhythm of each sentence, have different specifications. Rain Lane     1To add a point to the pronunciation of the words: Lonely and wandering, decadent gangway, skillful cliff, leverage horse strings outside the voice according to the manly wooden square chisel round and quiet rhesus monkeys to luxury and mannerism Provocation and provocation   2Idioms Lifting the Cliff: A metaphor for turning back soberly when faced with danger Extra-stringed Voice: Metaphoric Meaning Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again Artemisia annua Ling withered Reeling of Floating Algae Beautiful dry and rolling seals Bleak Dayan River - my nanny   1Pronunciation Bramble Pot of Dayan River Ice crumbs, insults and abuses The dustpan was ground three times.   2Glyph Dayan River/Yanqi Stop Drumming and Insult/Teach People tirelessly Swear/surprise red paint/knee soymilk/oar Roll/roll three times   3Words Child-adopted daughter-in-law: In the old society, a girl who adopted a family was a daughterin-law. When her son grew up, she married. The daughter-in-law of child-adopted daughter-in-law was called child-adopted daughter-inlaw. Wafi: Weeds Growing in Cracks Pot: A earthen pot, pottery utensil, shaped like a pot and small, used for warming a fire. Dumpling skip: A circular utensil made of bamboo strips or wickers, used for sunning grain, etc. Pawn: Pawn and Pawn Confusion: Describing embarrassment or ungenerosity Mantra: Speak words that hope people don't go well. Tianlun Xuyue: The joy of family reunion   4Literary Common Sense Ai Qing, formerly known as Jiang Haicheng, a well-known modern poet and writer, fuses his personal joys and sorrows into the sufferings and destinies of the nation and the people, expresses his ardent yearning for and pursuit of light, has a strong sense of the times and reality, deep feelings and unique style. He is an important collection of poets who promote the style of poetry after Guo Moruo and Wen Yiduo, including Dayan River, North and Return.His autobiographical lyric poem "Dayan River - My Nurse" is Ai Qing's masterpiece. Candle Zhiwu Withdraws from Qin Master Zuo Zhuan is the first chronological history book with detailed narration in China. It is said that Zuo Qiuming, a historian of the State of Lu in the late Spring and Autumn Period, wrote Zuo's Spring and Autumn Period and Zuo's Biography of the Spring and Autumn Period. Because Zuo Zhuan, Gongyang Zhuan and Guliang Zhuan were all written for explaining Spring and Autumn Period, they are also called "Three Biographies of the Spring and Autumn Period". Interchangeable words As we grow old, there is nothing we can do about it. Lack of luggage Qin Bo said, with Zheng Ren League Losing what it is and not knowing it Polysemy Diction Said: the minister's strength is not as good as people. His literary conventions, his words are slight, his ambition is clean and his conduct is honest.    "Back and forth rhetoric" if If Candle Wu sees Qin Jun, the teacher will retire. Xu Gong is not as beautiful as Jun. There is a small mouth in the mountain, as if there were light. tiny Mrs. Weiwei can't do that. See that its target is eighty-nine out of ten, but slightly.    His literary c

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