Summary of Class Work in Kindergarten Summary of kindergarten middle-class work with the passage of time, our children's middle-class life is about to end, looking back on this semester, the work of the class has been carried out in a colorful and orderly manner.This semester's class work will be summarized as follows: solid daily work: our class's daily work, whether it is education and education are solid development, are very intentional to do everything well.Nursing work: Although it is already in the middle class, we still put nursery work in the first place. Aunt Hu is in position everyday. Classrooms, bathrooms and nap rooms are clean and clean every day.Children usually use tableware, tea cups, towels, building blocks and other disinfection work is more serious and meticulous, never omitted.The children's clothes are always on her mind, and she often reminds them that it's time to dress or take off their clothes.Education: In the daily life education of children, we always remember that "life is education". In daily life, we exercise children's self-care ability, cultivate children's sympathy, responsibility and sense of solidarity and cooperation.When we get up, we let the children dress themselves and check them. Then we check the children next to us and help each other when they are in trouble.In every small family task, we remind children that this is your own task, who even completed a certain reward, encourage the enthusiasm of children to participate.This semester, we continue to implement the group leader system. We give every child the opportunity to have more confidence and be more active in their study and life.Through the penetration of life, we also found that children's growth and ability to improve.Teaching activities: This semester, in addition to carrying out six thematic activities, there are also many topics related to the theme, which benefit children a lot. For each theme, we advance the theme of this theme to parents, and the information that parents need to collect, which has been strongly supported by parents. Therefore, each thematic activity is carried out richly and smoothly.In the paradise of a theme, not only has the knowledge increased, but also has the pleasure of learning.Key Work: In this study, we mainly cultivate children's good learning habits: listening habits, perseverance in doing things, good sense of responsibility and so on.This semester, we have also participated in several major activities in the park: the Second Story King Competition, the Perfect Food Festival and the Second Graduation Party of the Big Class have been held in our garden. With the careful preparation of the children and us, we all have a good time.In the Story King Competition, two children in our class won the first prize.Another is to welcome the demonstration of teachers'teaching activities in the district. When we received the task, we all worked together to successfully complete the task assigned to us by our superiors, and were praised. Everyone was very happy.Protecting and teaching cooperation: In our class, all three of us get along equally, help each other and have a harmonious relationship. When we can't get busy, Aunt Hu will take the initiative to help us, arrange the environment several times, without the help of Aunt. Our grades belong to every member of the class.Most of the children in our class are smart, lively and smart. We love them very much, but there are all kinds of special children: lonely personality; stubborn opinions; weak and incomparable; language barrier and so on. Our teachers have targeted education for these children to make their original character lonely.Make more friends.Parent communication: kindergarten education is a complex education, not a family, kindergarten can be competent alone, it needs both in order to achieve good results.Teachers and parents can understand the situation of children at home and kindergartens through communication. Therefore, the communication between parents and teachers is still important. Every day after school, I timely reflect to parents the discipline and learning situation of the child that day, do a good job of giving timely encouragement and praise, do not do enough to ask parents to cooperate to help children correct.If the absent children are found, I call the parents in time to greet the children's health, and do a good job of synchronizing home work.W

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