Summary of Class Work in Kindergarten after Secondary Class The work of kindergarten middle class after semester is summarized in tension and busy. Another semester has passed. Looking back on the whole semester, our teachers can conscientiously abide by the rules and regulations of the kindergarten, love children, love their work, and work steadfastly in their own positions.This semester, our class children's ability to take care of themselves in life has been significantly improved, and children's intellectual level has also been well developed.The work of parents has been carried out smoothly. Parents actively support each other and cooperate with each other. Under the co-nurturing at home, children get harmonious development in physical, intellectual, moral and aesthetic aspects.Gradually develop good hygiene habits, study habits, have a certain ability to take care of themselves, know how to treat people politely, will initially abide by the regular discipline of this class, especially in painting, music, English, etc., our class children are more interested.There has also been a marked improvement in Putonghua expressive ability, and some children are too capricious and unreasonable.This paper summarizes the class work in the past semester from the following aspects.1. Strengthen health care, prevent all kinds of infectious diseases and ensure the healthy growth of young children for one semester. Our class can do a good job of daily morning and noon examinations, closely observe the health status of young children every day, make good records, actively carry out outdoor activities, improve the resistance of young children's bodies, and enhance their physique.At the same time, we should strengthen the cultivation of children's self-care ability, so that children can learn to dress themselves, shoes and socks, make their own beds, and teach them to serve vegetables, serve meals and wipe tables by taking turns as "on-duty births".Let the children master more health knowledge. Together with the teachers in this class, I insist on ensuring the health education activities every Monday so that the children can master more safety knowledge, such as going upstairs and downstairs without pushing or playing on the road.Combining with the characteristics that children like to play with water in summer, we can educate them about the safety of playing with water.2. Carry out class work according to plan conscientiously to ensure the completion of education and teaching tasks 1. Strengthen routine education and establish a good routine class for children's daily life is learning. Education and teaching also run through children's daily life. Whether children's daily life can be carried out in an orderly manner, of course, depends on the establishment of children's daily routine.Therefore, as a head teacher, I pay attention to strengthening routine education, putting the establishment of good routines for children at the top of the management class, putting forward specific requirements in every link of children's daily life, and constantly reminding and urging children to do as required. At the same time, teachers in this class are required to adopt consistent requirements to organize children's daily life, under the joint efforts of teachers in this class.In our class, children's routine discipline, study habits and living habits are better, forming a good class discipline and class style.2. Carefully organize activities according to the plan to ensure the quality of teaching.In teaching, I can make all kinds of teaching plans conscientiously, prepare toys according to the plan, implement plans conscientiously, give priority to games, and try to organize activities in every link of children's daily life, so that children can enjoy and enrich every day.In teaching methods, I use more intuitive teaching and heuristic teaching to guide children to see more, think more, speak more and do more, and to mobilize children's various perceptual participation activities, so as to mobilize children's participation enthusiasm.Therefore, the children in our class are more and more interested in learning. They like to use their brains, speak actively, think actively, and their intelligence level is obviously improved.3. Focus on strengthening individual education and doing a good job in training excellent students and transferring them.The children in our clas

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