Summary of the Second Chinese Doctors'Day 8On January 19, we jointly ushered in the second "Chinese Doctors'Day".In order to vigorously carry forward the noble spirit of "respecting life, saving lives and injuries, being willing to devote and loving without boundaries", and fully display the team demeanor of excellent doctors, our hospital solemnly held a literature and art performance celebrating the second "Chinese Doctors'Day" and awarding ceremony of "Wishing Doctors Stand Well".With the theme of "Promoting lofty spiritual cohesion and healthy China", the event aims to unite and strengthen the construction of doctors'team and create a good atmosphere of respecting doctors and respecting health care. 1. On August 19, relevant medical personnel organized a free free free clinic for experts at the hospital entrance, answering numerous medical problems for the participants, and providing free medical projects such as blood pressure measurement and blood sugar measurement for the consultants.The event issued a rich brochure, which attracted many middle-aged and elderly people to participate. 2. On the morning of August 19, a symposium was organized for doctors to summarize the significance of establishing doctor's day. At the same time, the problems and causes of the current occupational environment were deeply analyzed. The difficulty of doing a good job of doctor-patient relationship was fully recognized. It was helpful for how to do a good job of doctor-patient relationship, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of doctors, and combined with their own work experience.Suggestions. 3. On the afternoon of August 19, the second "Chinese Doctors'Day" officially opened to recognize advanced doctors and perform in literature and art.The celebrations set sail in the song "My Heart in China" sung by the leading group of the hospital. The president welcomed the doctor sincerely and plainly. He paid high tribute to the doctors who had worked hard for a long time on the clinical front line and dedicated selflessly to safeguarding the health of the people. He also offered Festival congratulations and sincere greetings.The leaders in charge of the District Health Bureau and the township party and government also came to the scene and made speeches.In order to further inherit and carry forward the fine revolutionary tradition, set up a typical model to praise the advanced, call on the whole society to respect doctors and care for doctors, and jointly create a good atmosphere of "respecting doctors and respecting health", the Awardees of "good doctors" and "young seedlings" in Zhuzhan Town were commended respectively.The literary and artistic programs compiled and performed by the staff and workers themselves are more splendid and colorful, fully demonstrating the vigorous cultural construction and rich and colorful cultural life of the staff and workers in our institute.The lively and cheerful dance "Standing waiting for you for three thousand years" shows the virtue and dignity of female staff in our hospital."Doctor's Oath" fully demonstrates the "health is related to life", a powerful oath, expressing the medical workers'eternal belief in devoting themselves to medicine and striving for human health.The conference ended in the passionate Jazz Dance. At the same time, the influence and radiation of "Doctor's Day" have been brought into play to increase the staff's sense of responsibility and mission for hospital construction, and to further promote the cultural construction of our hospital. Through these celebrations, doctors feel the nobility of their profession and the joy of festivals. They also make the whole society more aware of doctors'efforts and contributions in disease prevention and treatment, and promote the construction of harmonious doctor-patient relationship.The expected results have been achieved.It has profound significance. *Health Center 2019-08-19

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