Summary of Activities of Primary School Safety Education Week This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! Paying attention to safety means paying attention to life. Paying attention to safety means paying attention to family happiness, school development and social harmony.Our school has always attached great importance to the safety of students, and put the life safety work of students in school as the top priority of all the work of the school. We should constantly establish safety awareness, master safety knowledge, improve self-help and self-rescue important ability, position of and deepen school the safety responsibility. In order to further implement the spirit of Jin Educational Director's Circular No. 10 on Forwarding Quanzhou Education Bureau's Notice on Carefully Carry out the Fourteenth National Day of Safety Education for Primary and Secondary School Students and the Second School Safety Education Week in XXXX Province, our school has formulated a detailed plan of "March 31April 4, 2008 as Safety Education Week" according to the actual situation of our school.Safety education for students has been carried out in various forms. The activities are summarized as follows: 1. Focus on the theme and create an atmosphere. March 30 this year is the 14th National Day of Safety Education for Primary and Secondary School Students.March 30 to April 5 is the second "xxxx Provincial School Safety Education Week" "Strengthening with Disaster the theme Prevention of and Mitigation, Creating Harmonious Campus".In order to earnestly implement the relevant requirements of the Provincial Department of Education on the activities of "Safety Education Day" and "Safety Education Week" and the relevant instructions of the leaders of the Municipal Committee and municipal government, implement the spirit of the provincial school safety work conference, comprehensively and thoroughly carry out school safety education, and continuously improve the safety awareness of teachers and students and the ability of self-rescue in dealing with emergencies.At the morning flag-raising ceremony on March 30, the school carried out the mobilization speech education. At the same time, it used the Monday Teachers'Meeting to convey the spirit of documents related to the safety work of the superiors, clarify the tasks, formulate the steps, carry out various activities in a solid and effective manner, and further improve the safety awareness of the teachers. Second, cut into the theme and carry out activities.     1The National Flag Rising Ceremony will be used by the Moral Education Department to give speeches to all teachers and students under the national flag with the theme of safety education, and to mobilize and deploy the activities of safety education week.Each class organizes students to use the morning meeting or class time to learn safety rules and regulations such as "Physical Education in Zhanglin Central Primary School, Requirements for Extracurricular Activities" and "Prevention and Control Measures of Infectious Diseases in Zhanglin Central Primary School", so that students can accept relatively systematic drowning prevention, traffic accident prevention, electric shock prevention, food poisoning prevention, disease prevention, sports injury prevention, fire prevention, earthquake prevention, fraud prevention and gas poisoning prevention.Safety knowledge and skills education.     2Strengthen efforts to implement the "one minute safety education before school" activities in Zhanglin Central Primary School, urge inspection, form a good mechanism, and do a good job in safety education activities one minute before school.(Note: "One minute safety education before school", that is, in the last class before school every day, teachers should spare the last minute to carry out safety education for students.Every teacher is required to take this lesson seriously and complete it as a hard task of caring for students'lives. At the same time, teachers are required to carry out this work creatively, so as to determine a key point and a theme every week.There are various forms. Some teachers tell students a short st

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