Summarize the skills of big hair quick three sizes return blood, one quick three wins the game Note to Professional Research Instructor: 51256294: Kou Wei   According to my experience over the years, to play a variety of colors, you only need to learn the following quartet: the use of mind-scoring skills First: [Psychological problems] If you are easy to think about, see the second example. If you don't understand rational allocation, see the following example.Psychology please look at the following examples:   1.If you are addicted to gambling for a long time, you will lose (179 issues of traffic jam every day, the trend of each issue is changing. Maybe this trend will lead you to win a little money, but it does not mean that you can win all the time. Maybe the trend will change in the next second and the profits will vanish in an instant).   2.Mentality explosion, easy to go up, will lose (mentality control is not good, win greedy endlessly want to win and then win, lose not willing to submit to defeat must have a copy, do not know that the deeper and deeper, until the abyss of thousands of feet, regret, a mistake into eternal regret).   3.Blind follow, no opinions, will lose, has been relying on the plan is not a long-term solution, we must find out bit by bit, this is the correct survival principle. (Not looking at the trend, not dividing the hot trend from the cold one, planning to follow the west, this is a typical blind blog, the blind find their way, see which lovely buy which, all the luck, you really rest assured that their own destiny in the hands of others?)   4.The principal collocation is unreasonable and must lose. Lottery purchasing depends not only on planning, but also on combining various skills of playing.(If you blindly duplicate or even use the Soha model, you are in a state of insanity and totally irrational. At this time, you are not far from the abyss of ten thousand feet, so different people will help you push it.) If you can't plan your own cost perfectly, you can't distinguish your own profits or profits and losses every day, you need to stop. It's no difference between smashing you in the head and being lucky. I believe that everyone has his own plan.But in the end, I couldn't restrain myself so that I could spit out all my uncle's books, and so on.I just want to tell you that you won't lose if you are not greedy. Second: [Funds allocation] There are two advantages in allocating funds. The same plan may produce two results, one win and one lose.Why is this the result?If you know how to allocate funds, you can still win money. Answer: Reasonable allocation of principal: First of all, the allocation of funds is very reasonable.Whether the plan is up or down.All remain profitable.? The person who will not distribute the principal: no matter how much it is hung, the principal will be doubled. To a certain extent, the principal will not keep up with it. Then it will be opened and forced directly.Another is to hang up a period of direct Soha's more terrible.Similar to the second phase of the second phase of the plan hanging, these people basically die on the spot. There is another kind of snowball, although playing in the form of Soha, but also need to distribute the principal, not all the principal directly shuttle down, in reality, no matter what you do, you have to leave a hand.Prepare for hanging up.The same is true of lottery purchases. Third: [Learn Basic Skills] Many people will play many kinds of games, but you will not be proficient in one kind of play, play a new game of your own.Every play to a certain extent, you will develop their own play, as long as you have to use your brain to find their own play. The Tao is that the master brings in the door to practice by himself. You have no personal experience. You never know what every teacher who teaches you has experienced.There are many ways to play. It is recommended that friends who have the way to play learn to concentrate on using one of the skills you have. Fourth: [Apply the above three points freely?] Look at the simple, do people I believe less than 0.1 percent of the people. Distribution: Skills (Basic Trend Skills)? Use what you have learnt freely (Apply what you mentioned earlier) The method is dead, people are alive, to understand the flexible and changeable, walking style will not be popular all day.Keep in mind that Qiaoqiao can only assist, and the funds have to be allocated. The

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