Student Union Work Plan Student Union Work Plan Time flies like a foal through a gap. In a twinkling of an eye, Wenhui Middle School has been established for one year.In the cold winter at the end of this year, the first student union of Wenhui Middle School was established.This is of great significance to the history of Wenhui Middle School, because it has created a first place in Wenhui Middle School after all.Vigorously, we have just set sail on the big ship of the Student Union.Although we are in a hurry, we will try our best to do it. We all believe that time will test everything. For the new student union, it just completed a process from scratch.Everything is new to us.The new student union was established under the condition of weak foundation. Therefore, in the new year's work, the first thing is to improve the structure of the student union.This is also an urgent task at present and should be accomplished with great efforts.All departments should recruit officers in time, and all associations under the Ministry of Societies should be established in time, etc.As the students'own organization, the student union should consider serving the students as its duty.These preconditions are that the student union is complete, because only a perfect organization can better serve the broad masses of students. Next, all departments should take action.All departments should make work plans in time to catch up with their own work.In our work, we should actively explore, practice and contribute to the campus culture of Wenhui Middle School. We should build a unique student union with full enthusiasm and spirit, so as to reassure teachers and satisfy students, and make a good start for the students'union of Wenhui Middle School. The work of the new student union should be guided by the following principles: Firstly, adhere to scientific methods and guide students to establish correct outlook on life, values and world outlook.Youth is the flower of the motherland and the hope of the nation.In the flowering season, we are being impacted by various ideas.In the new year's work, we should proceed from reality and combine the political and cultural characteristics of the campus to create a positive atmosphere for theoretical learning, which is also an important direction and fundamental goal for the student union to cooperate with the school in carrying out various activities.As the student's own organization, the student union should earnestly do well in the ideological and political work of the students, unite and lead them to study hard in the new period, work hard, undergo training, and increase their talents. It is the students'patriotic enthusiasm that can be stimulated, thus enhancing the students' sense of national pride and self-confidence given by the era of mission. Secondly, give full play to the role of Student Union Bridge and link, further strengthen the connection and communication between schools and students, solve practical problems, and safeguard the rights and interests of students.As an important organization for communication between schools and students, the student union should give full play to its wide range of contacts and promote further contacts between schools and students.In the work, we should care about students'life, understand their needs, give timely feedback to students' opinions, solve their practical problems, and strive to win the unanimous recognition of teachers and students in line with the purpose of serving students wholeheartedly. Thirdly, we should carry out rich and colorful campus cultural activities, advocate the spirit of innovation, cultivate creativity and promote the all-round development of our students.Students'unions should closely focus on quality education, combine with the actual work of the school, carry out extensive campus culture construction, strive to build brand activities, continue to explore and innovate, and strive to win a good reputation among students. Fourth, strengthen the self-construction of student unions.Continuously improve the overall quality of the student union cadres, enhance the combat effectiveness and cohesion of the organization, form a vibrant and uplifting working atmosphere, and ensure the smooth development of the work of the student union. Fifth, as the students'own organization, the student union should improve the democratic system and expand the orderly participation

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