Labor Contract Letter (Simple) Address Park of Party A Limited Legal Representative (Principal Official): Contact Phone Party B's Gender Identity Card Number male Address Contact Telephone In order to establish labor relations and clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, this contract is concluded on the basis of equality, voluntariness and consensus on the basis of Labor Law and Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China. Article 1 Term of Labor Contract The term of this contract is from February 21, 2017 to February 20, 2018.The probation period is February 2017. 21Date from March 20, 2017.The probation period is included in the labor contract period. Article 2 Contents and Places of Work Party A shall arrange Party B to work in general workers according to the needs of the work, and the place of work shall be.Party A may change the type of work or position of Party B through consultation and agreement between the two parties. Article 3 Remuneration for Labour If Party B completes its work according to Party A's regulations, Party A shall pay the monthly salary in monthly form before 31 th of each month.The salary form implemented by Party A is cash: the salary is yuan/month, and the salary of probation period is yuan/month.Party A shall not pay Party B a wage lower than the minimum wage set by the local government. Other forms: 1. Resignation requires a written application one month in advance.2. It is not suitable for this position within 7 days of entry, and no salary will be paid.3. Party B shall abide by the requirements of employees'instructions. Article 4 Working hours and rest and vacation The working hour system implemented by Party B is the standard 8-hour system. Party A shall reasonably arrange Party B's work and rest time in accordance with relevant national and local regulations. Article 5 Insurance Party A shall pay insurance premiums for Party B in accordance with relevant national and local regulations; Party B shall pay insurance premiums, which shall be withheld and withheld by Party A from Party B's wages in accordance with the prescribed proportion. Article 6 Labor protection, working conditions and protection against occupational hazards shall be carried out in accordance with laws and regulations and the rules and regulations formulated by the company according to law. Article 7 Termination and Removal of Labor Contract Both parties shall terminate or terminate the labor contract in accordance with legal procedures. Party A shall issue a notice or relevant certificate for Party B to terminate or terminate the labor contract, and pay economic compensation according to law if it conforms to the provisions of the State. Article 8 Settlement of Labor Disputes In case of labor disputes arising from the performance of this contract, both parties may apply for mediation, arbitration, withdrawal of lawsuits or negotiate mediation according to law. Article 9 Other outstanding matters shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions in force at the national and local levels, or agreed upon in the form of annexes through consultation. Article 10 Each party holds one copy of this contract, and alteration or unauthorized signature is invalid. Party A (unit seal) and Party B (signature) Legal representative (principal person in charge) Or a principal agent (signature) Signing time: year, month, day: year, month, day ]

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