Cool P. 02 COOLER THAN PPT ! Perhaps we are not unfamiliar with the following new units of measurement, such as: One pan = 1000 yuan per square metre One term = 10 pan One horse = 160,000 yuan per year But can you say it without checking Baidu? Cool One pound = how many centimeters? 1 cm = how many pixels? size In this issue, let's talk about size. 4:3 en e r c es d i w 7 s e h c in 0 1 : 6 1 Universal screen C cup 1024 Cool px 1280X720p 5 cen timet ers 1 po und s 9 : 16 It is estimated that the shooter who can accurately remember the conversion between the above units is an angel with folded wings in his last life. (By the way, is that cup on top a magic horse situation?) Generally speaking, new slides have the following proportions to choose from And the conversion relationship between them is like this. PPT ratio Picture size Universal screen wide screen wide screen 4:3 16:9 16:10 960 Pixels*720 Pixels 1280 pixels*720 pixels 960 pixels*600 pixels 25.4 cm*19.05 cm 25.4 cm*14.29 cm 25.4 cm*15.875 cm Cool Design - > Page Settings These sizes can be easily set, and even the direction of the slide can be changed. So, when it comes to size, there's a problem. Looking for Nanxiang in Shandong, China To make a PPT of a specific size Swollen do In the three versions of PPT 03 07 10 You can only rely on memory Cool Baidu Calculator Conversion among pixels, pounds and centimeters Because the window input bar limits the centimeter as a unit of measure Mathematics is a very stressful lesson for me as a PE teacher. Thank goodness T 2013 can easily solve the above problem In PPT 2013, the name of the page settings option becomes slide size. Don't think it's just a name change!Try to input such as width: 1024 pixels, height: 720 pixels try! Short oil!Pixel units are automatically converted to centimeters! 1024 pixels 720 pixels For PPTer, from now on You just need to set the slide size. It's easy to use this technique. Make Taobao Store Pictures export Video of specific size printing Specific size promotional pages A literary creation LOGO of specific size Maybe you can do more in this way. I'm looking forward to the use you can think of. Interact with me on Weibo THANKS Well, it's a bit vulgar. Last but not least, let me ask you a question. Which one is cool to learn PPT? cool Look for Short Sina Weibo! Cool

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