Script: Choreography: Propaganda: Shooting: Clip: The protagonist: Friendship performance: Theme: Gold Medal Employee Propaganda Film Shooting Script Background music; Time: 8 minutes Part 1 Picture: Outlook of Jinkou Operating Area On the way to the office, colleagues came to work one after another. Target Lock A Colleague (Shot Fast Close) Voice over: "Hello, colleague." (Clap on the shoulder, colleague A looks back, confused) (microphone lens) Voice over: "May I interview you?" Colleague A (looked at the person in front of him, slightly unexpected, with a happy face): "Are you?" Voice over: "We are an interview team for gold medal employees. Today we are going to do an interview for gold medal employees.Before the interview, I want to know Tao Xu, a gold medal employee of the company in 2019, through his colleagues. Do you know him? Colleague A (happily interviewed): "Oh, our monitor Tao, that must be known!" (Picture switching, subtitles: Comrade Tao** in the eyes of colleagues) Colleague A: "Tao** is a very responsible and down-toearth person who works in strict accordance with the company's procedures in all major and minor matters. I have never heard him complain when he is busy and tired. Every time, he sticks to his job until the end of the day.During the rush months of the year, he worked overtime almost every day. Overtime time time was almost 60 hours a month. It was really admirable.With him, we will feel at ease at work." (Screen switching) Colleague B: "Tao** ah, we do not call him by name, call him Tao Watchman.He is very enthusiastic and careful. He always tries his best to help us solve our problems. (Screen switching) Colleague C: "Tao** is my teacher. When I came here, he took me with him. He was very patient to answer questions and help me quickly integrate into the company family.He also has a good temper and is fond of laughing. Any difficulties he encounters in his work are handled calmly. Working with him will always be affected by his positive and optimistic attitude. (Subtitle:'Such a positive employee, let's get closer to him...') Part 2 Picture: Panorama of Jinkou Key Room The key room colleagues are busy preparing the keys. Voice-over: "Is Tao ** in, please?" (Keyroom colleague looks up and brushes toward the door) Behind him came a voice: "Who are you looking for?" The camera turned around and Comrade Tao appeared (wearing overalls and holding keys in his hand). Part 3 Picture: Reservoir Yard of Jinkou Operating Area Interview picture Voice over: "Hello, thank you for cooperating with us in the work of the interview team. It's really embarrassing to disturb your work." Tao **:"It doesn't matter. Your work is very hard. You should cooperate with each other." Voice over: "I don't think you were in the key room just now. Are you busy?" Tao **: "I just went to the second floor to communicate with my colleagues of quality to deal with the problem of a car." (The picture is replayed from Tao** at the door of the key room and comes to the office on the second floor.Tao ** communicated with his quality colleagues about whether a car could be shipped or not, and finally the problem was solved. He left safely and returned to his job (reflecting his conscientious and responsible work). Voice over: "Before we came here, we had a preliminary understanding of you through your colleagues, and you were highly rated.Say that you are conscientious, responsible and down-to-earth, and stick to your position at all times." Tao** (in retrospect) (Picture switch to the key room, busy scene, picture speed up, colleagues come home from work, the sky gradually darkens, the street lights in Jinkou Operating Area are on (exterior). The picture is re-cut into the key room (the picture speed returns to normal). Comrade Tao** prepares the key for the next day, completes the key and carefully checks the account. All the work is done, lights are turned off, doors are locked and work is finished. Cut back the interview picture Tao ** (Laughter): "That's my job. There's nothing to say about it." Part 4 Voice-over: "Say you treat people sincerely, kindly and carefully." Tao** (in retrospect) (Picture switching, key room, colleague A just answered the phone, a face anxious and difficult.) Colleague A: "Chief Tao, my girlfriend is sick, a person in the hospital, today I am afraid I have to leave work early to take care of her..." Tao Lei: "It's all right.

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