merc hant trade meter Delimi tation Sichuan Shared Accompanied Bed Project Project overview Catalog business model 3 1 2 Project advantage 4 Financing plan Project overview At present, this project mainly provides full-time and omni-directional service of intelligent escort bed through the Internet platform independently developed, artificial intelligence hardware and management team.In the future, through the accumulation of large data, patients with rehabilitation needs will be provided. Rehabilitation hospitals and third-party products and services will be docked upstream and downstream, and a shared ecosystem will be established, which will eventually become a professional platform for shared rehabilitation services. Industry survey The data show that the utilization rate of beds in medical institutions in China is very high. In 2018, the utilization rate of beds has exceeded 90%, and the average hospitalization of inpatients is about 10 days.With the aging of pedestrians in China and the increasing number of sub-healthy people caused by social and life pressures, these data will also increase gradually.According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics up to 2018, the number of beds in medical and health institutions in China exceeds 17 million, and the number of hospital admissions per year exceeds 230 million.The needs of the patient's escort staff in the escort bed need to be urgently met.From this point of view, the demand group of shared escort bed is very precise and special, the demand is rigid and has broad prospects.    Industry pain spot Pr es s i nt e tu io at n Accompanying personnel are required to pay deposit at fixed bed rental center, and carry the bed to the ward for use. After using up, they also have to move to the bed rental center to settle the refund deposit. ob pr m le The procedure is tedious and inefficient, which aggravates the already crowded medical environment, and increases the difficulty of hospital management and human and material resources. pp O tu or ty ni In specific use scenarios in hospitals, the implantation of intelligent Internet of Things (IOT) devices enables shared devices to cooperate with small programs, reduces the workload of medical staff, and enables patients to experience the convenience and practicality of intelligent devices after admission, releasing more public resources. Project advantage (3) Management advantages Product Advantage Intelligent Leasing Products with 4G Lock+Central Control Chip+Sheet Metal Spraying (2) Advantage of putting in Free delivery, reduce the cost of hospital investment, promote the upgrading of hospital intelligence, the hospital is willing to cooperate Project Advanta ge Internet of Things device implantation, so that equipment to achieve unattended, scanned payment, remote and convenient management (4) Use advantage Only two-dimensional code scanning is needed, unlocking after recharging is successful, and it is convenient for family members to use it by themselves. Project status Product development Cooperate with local manufacturers and adopt local OEM mode to ensure effective cost control in product supply Project team The main team members are from health management, Internet enterprises, insurance and financial industry managers. They are familiar with hospitals and have strong market development and channel maintenance capabilities. Market resources At present, Guizhou and Sichuan are the main market resources. There are good government relations in Ganzi, Liangshan and Aba prefectures. Project expectation It is estimated that 20,000 beds will be put in Sichuan and Guizhou within two years to achieve regional scale advantage. business model Rental income (rent): The source of rent is the normal operating income. Suppose a hospital puts in 10 beds, each bed charges 2 yuan per hour, the utilization rate of beds per day is 30%, and each bed uses 6 hours per day.That is to say, 10*30%*2*6=36 yuan, and the daily charge for 10 beds is 36 yuan.One year is 12960 yuan, which covers the initial investment and operation cost.(The cost of making a bed is about 400-600 yuan) Derivative Income (Advertising, Big Data Push): Advertising implantation on hardware devices, escorting workers to push, etc. market prospect At present, this project mainly focuses on sharing escort beds. Later, according to patient data, the next layout can be made, such as rehabilitation needs dock

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