main topic Seven Steps to Improve the Efficiency of Human Resource Management Catalog Human Resource Management Efficiency How to Improve the Efficiency of Human Resource Management what Human Resource Efficiency of Enterprise = Organizational Efficiency of Enterprise * Ability of Staff Team * Will of Staff Team (i.e. Degree of Input and Degree of Professionalism) Seven step method "Continuous optimization" of the company's organizational structure How _Upgrading the Human Resources System of "Legitimate Norms" Creating a "Competitive" Staf Establishment of "Business-Oriented" Training and Cultivation Mechanism _Perfecting the Performance-oriented Compensation System Achieving the Performance Management of "P-D-C-A" _Building a Win-win Enterprise Culture 1. Continuous optimization of the company's organizational structure • Optimizing Architecture Ideas 1. Improve the organizational structure of the company according to the strategy, determine and differentiate the functions, powers and responsibilities of each department, and ensure the efficient operation of the organization.(Strategy determines organizational structure) 2. According to the business model and business logic of validation success, optimize the process, clarify responsibilities, so that everyone has something to do and everything is managed by others. (Business processes determine job responsibilities) 2. Upgrading the Legitimate and Normative Human Resources System Thoughts on Institutional Construction Revision system Compiling system Training Management System 1.0 Human Resource Planning System 1.0 01 Recruitment Management System 2.0 Salary Management System 2.0 Performance Management System 2.0 Performance Management Rules 2.0 Employee Handbook 2.0 02 Curing-optimizationrefining 1. The system is the summary of work experience and the guarantee of work effect. 2. The compilation and revision of the system should follow the needs of practical work and be forward-looking. 3. The system can not be achieved overnight, but is a process of continuous improvement. 03 3. Creating a Core Competitive Staf 01 Precision recruitment Employee Construction Ideas: Satisfy job requirements 02 Internal development Guarantee Talent Reserve AB Corner Allocation for Core Positions 03 personnel training Achieving echelon construction Performance optimization talents Training and Training Talents 4. Establishing Business-Oriented Training Mechanisms Success Train of thought 1. To formulate and promote hierarchical training plans according to job requirements and business needs; 2. Implementing "Talent Plan": Performanceoriented, implementation of "Eagle Plan, Flying Eagle Plan and Elite Plan" talent development plan. (The company's talent planning is the main part) Head of Department 1. Management Literacy Training 2. Leadership Training 3. Outsourcing Business Learning For on-thejob 1. Vocational employees Literacy Training 2. Business Skills Training 04 ST For reserve cadres EP 1. Management Communicatio n Training 2. Responsibility training 3. Rotation Business Training 03 ST EP 02 ST For new employees EP 01 ST EP 1. New Employee Training 2. Post Skills Training 5. Perfecting Performance-oriented Compensation System Thoughts on Compensation Work 02 03 01 02 1. Attract a few key employees who can produce high performance with higher salaries; (B-end 2. Employees'salaries applications, are linked to overseas their sales, Internet quantifiable finance) performance; (Noncompetent, performance-based) 01 03 Achieveme nts 04 Pay 01 03 02 3. Performanceoriented, to establish top-down remuneration adjustment 4. Actively promote management equity incentive methods; mechanism(Highand performance increase, partnership system. low-performance reduction) 6. Achieving "P-D-C-A" Performance Management Thoughts on Performance Work: Four Tasks Identifying Performance Goals and Improving Performance Indicators STEP 0 1 Grasp the Monitoring of Performanc e Process 02 STEP Strictly implement feedback and application of assessmen t results 03 STEP Standardizing the assessment methods and linking them with the optimization of personnel STEP training 04 7. Building a "Win-win" Corporate Culture Personnel work Administrative work Thoughts on Cultural Work: Four Aspects No matter what Situation analysis Future planning Institutional level Spiritual level Advocating the Core Idea of "Creating Win-Win Togeth

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