Senior English Program Three Review Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Senior Three English Review Program I. Guiding Ideas Facing the College Entrance Examination in 2015, guided by the educational spirit of implementing the new curriculum reform in an all-round way, focusing on the proposition characteristics and direction of the curriculum reform area, we actively carry out teaching and research work, implement the discipline teaching conventions, create a good teaching and research atmosphere, constantly reform classroom teaching, and explore scientific and effective classroom review teaching mode in Senior Three.In view of the fact that students in our school generally have poor English foundation and weak foundation, in ordinary English teaching, on the premise of focusing on reading, we should cultivate students'interest in learning English and good learning habits for a long time. 2. Misunderstandings in English Revision for College Entrance Examination     1.Grammar-based teaching still plays an important role in some teachers'thinking and teaching behavior, which completely separates the teaching of basic linguistic knowledge from the teaching of discourse.     2.Language input and language output are completely separated, ignoring the combination of reading and writing.     3.The traditional practice of "teacher speaking, student listening" in the review process has resulted in students'inability to develop their autonomous learning ability well.     4.It does not pay attention to the guidance of learning methods and overemphasizes the imparting of knowledge.     5.Reading training methods are inappropriate, only emphasizing on letting students read articles, ignoring the cultivation of discourse analysis ability.     6.It only pays attention to teaching, ignores educating people and ignores the education of students'outlook on life. 3. Teaching Objectives and Examination Preparation Principles   1Clear direction Facing the college entrance examination in 2015, teachers must make clear what and how to take the college entrance examination; organize the review of the college entrance examination purposefully and systematically; otherwise, the review will take a detour and result in half the result with twice the effort.Looking back on the English test papers of the College Entrance Examination in recent years, we find that the English test papers of the College Entrance Examination mainly focus on two aspects: English language knowledge and English language use.The propositional principle of linguistic knowledge proposition is to increase comprehensive and contextual factors as much as possible on the basis of ensuring knowledge coverage.The propositional principles of language use are as follows:     (1) Language must be used in practical and as different situations as possible;     (2) Language must be suitable for specific communicative behaviors;     (3) The focus of assessment is whether to achieve communicative purposes;     (4) Language communicative behavior needs not only linguistic competence, but also some other abilities.     2Principles for Review of College Entrance Examination In view of the problems existing in the review of college entrance examination English, we adhere to the principle of "learning with practice" in the review.The review of college entrance examination is not only a process of checking omissions and filling in gaps, making the language knowledge system more perfect, but also a process of enriching language experience, enhancing language sense, raising the original ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing to a new level. It is also a process of improving comprehensive analysis, analysis and judgment, improving learning methods and learning selfstudy.Therefore, some principles should be adhered to in the general review of the college entrance examination.   (1) Practical principles.   (2) Comprehensive principle.   (3) The principle of pertinence.     (4) Guiding principles of learning methods. 4. Class design and review plan of review lesson:   1Text review lesson.It covers a wide range of aspects vocabulary, phrases, sentence patterns and grammar, etc. It is the basis of training ability.In reviewing, we should avoid stir- frying leftovers, add seasonings, weed out the old and bring forth the new, stand in the perspective of college entrance examination, and set t

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