Self-evaluation of Personal Resume Guidance: Personal resume self-evaluation 1, I am open-minded, enthusiastic, approachable!Be conscientious and responsible for work, have a strong sense of ambition and responsibility, obey the arrangement of superiors, have strong adaptability to new things, have strong communication and coordination skills, and have team spirit!2. I am open-minded, diligent and eager to learn, and conscientiously responsible for my work attitude.Has good communication skills and language skills, and can improve and accumulate themselves in success and failure.Wide range of hobbies, strong learning awareness and ability.Be cautious in words and sensitive in deeds.Desire to have more room for development.3. Open-minded and generous.Work conscientiously and responsibly, can bear hardships, hard work.Have good team spirit, solid basic skills, excellent communication skills and self-study ability.Engaged in business team management cooperation.Know how to operate General Office software applications and office equipment 4. Honesty and trustworthiness, rigorous work, conscientious and responsible.Has a strong organizational coordination ability, affinity, generous enthusiasm.Has good psychological quality and the spirit of hard work.Good team cooperation ability and team management potential, good communication and coordination between departments.Through four years of undergraduate course study and self-study examination, we have mastered a lot of learning skills and methods, developed good learning habits, and further improved our learning ability, so that we can quickly adapt to all kinds of work.5. I am lively and open-minded, enthusiastic and generous, able to live in peace with my colleagues; conscientious and responsible in my work, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, and able to fulfill the tasks assigned by my superiors in a serious and timely manner.6. As a middle-level cadre of the company, it plays a key role in supporting leadership and leading subordinates.I gradually changed from the backbone of technology to the role of technology management. Through a series of operation and management activities, such as network, server terminal system and desktop pc, guided by ITIL Service Management theory, I standardized service flow, formulated management system, led the team, improved the service level of system operation, service quality, increased customer satisfaction, and improved it department.Value, in it system operation service management has accumulated rich experience.7. Since graduation, I have worked as a salesman, cashier and shopkeeper in mobile phone stores, as a salesman in Amway China, and as a salesman and cashier in Anta stores.I love work, not afraid of hardship, hard work and complaint, in the study and work of her can work hard to learn a variety of knowledge, including financial management, marketing, marketing management, and personnel exchanges and so on.I am familiar with computer operation.8. Be honest and credible, easy-going and have good affinity; be full of enthusiasm and optimism makes my psychological endurance stronger; be good at communicating with people, can actively and effectively establish communication channels, coordinate internal and external relations; work style is capable, self-confident, have overall work grasp ability; have good language expression and writing ability; can flexibly adapt to not.With the environment, have a good team spirit.9. As a project manager, I am responsible for the planning, organization, implementation, coordination and communication, quality and process control of new projects. After several years of implementation of a series of major projects, I have accumulated rich project experience.I used to play the role of basis project management in phaag SAP import and pwcg SAP upgrade project. I am familiar with the process of SAP functional modules and functional modules. I am familiar with the planning and management of basis. I have accumulated experience in the planning, implementation and control of the project.10. Through two years of quality work, we have developed a comprehensive and strong ability to handle affairs, good moral integrity and appearance, integrity, prudence and pragmatism, conscientious and responsible work, team spirit, strong ability of organization, communication, production and cooperation, enterprising spirit, adherence to principles, rigorous style of

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