Zhangye Internet hospital Co construction agreement Party A: health and Family Planning Committee of Ganzhou District, Zhangye City Party B: Wuzhen Internet hospital (Tongxiang) Co., Ltd After careful communication and consultation, Party A and Party B connect Party A to Wuzhen Internet hospital and establish a strategic cooperative relationship based on the principle of key assistance, close cooperation and common development, so as to become an online and offline cooperative medical institution. I. purpose of cooperation In order to further implement the spirit of Gansu's implementation of the "Internet plus" action plan, implement the "Internet +" action in the field of medical services, improve the informatization construction of the urban and rural medical service system, and promote the vertical integration of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and medical resources to facilitate the medical treatment of the masses. Both sides rely on the Wuzhen Internet hospital and the Gansu Internet hospital.Zhangye high-quality medical resources, build the Internet Hospital of Zhangye City; connect the medical institutions and doctors at all levels of Zhangye City through Internet technology, sink the high-quality medical resources to the medical service institutions at all levels of the city, county, township and village, and establish cooperative relationships; establish key specialized counterpart assistance, business guidance, personnel training and other mechanisms with the medical institutions, and drive the grass-roots to improve diagnosis and treatment.Ability, inspection and testing ability and drug use ability; open up the medical, pharmaceutical and medical insurance system, open the new pattern of "Internet + grading diagnosis and treatment", so that the scope of high-quality medical resources can be enlarged, so that the grass-roots people can get highquality and convenient medical services more easily and achieve coordinated medical treatment, complementary advantages and common development, and meet the needs of the masses for medical and health services. II. Significance of cooperation (I) conducive to people's livelihood 1, mobile phone appointment registration, convenient for patients to make online appointment at any time. 2, expert team introduction, to facilitate the offline appointment of experts to achieve accurate first diagnosis. 3Internet remote consultation platform is convenient for patients to inquire directly online and purchase drugs online, so that patients can see doctors conveniently at home. (II) conducive to improving government functions 1, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment has been effectively implemented for a long time, and Zhangye Internet hospital has long sunk high-quality expert resources to the grass-roots level to improve the diagnosis and treatment ability, inspection and testing ability, and drug use ability of the grass-roots level, and improve the trust of patients to the grass-roots doctors. 2, multi point practice, expand the scope of expert practice through Internet hospital, and improve the efficiency of multi-point practice. 3, family doctor signing, through the Internet hospital to improve the signing rate, carry out family doctor signing services, improve the efficiency of management services; regulate public health service projects, reasonably and effectively manage public health service funds. III. scope of cooperation (I) platform construction 1Party B shall build Zhangye Internet hospital according to Party A's business requirements, including Internet hospital remote diagnosis and treatment center, Internet hospital remote monitoring center and Internet hospital general practice medical center; install Internet hospital system software and Internet multi parameter telemetry monitoring system software for medical institutions at all levels as required, debug and smoothly run all departments in combination with hardware equipment provided by Party AAssist Party A's health professional and technical personnel to collect online information, establish expert team, expert cooperation team, open micro doctor account, install and train the use method. 2Party B shall, in accordance with the business needs of Party A's medical institutions at all levels and in combination with the site conditions, hardware equipment and relevant support provided by Party A, establish Internet hospital monitoring center and Internet hospital remote diagno

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