2017Selection of Work Plan for Head Teachers in Vocational Colleges Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. This is the beginning of the fourth semester to succeed Accounting Class 29. With the experience of leading this class for several semesters, this semester has formulated the following work plan: First, do a good job of class stability Stability is the only way to achieve development, stability is the only way to progress, without class stability, there is no way to talk about learning for excellence, there is no way to assess excellence, the daily behavior of students should be as strict as in the past, the "five prohibitions" of students should be grasped from time to time and everywhere, and the seemingly destroying class harmony and stability must be taken timely measures to stop in time to ensure a stable and good learning atmosphere in the class. Secondly, we should complete the deployment and arrangement of the Political and Church Office. The deployment and arrangement of schools and departments of politics and education should be carried out conscientiously so that students can improve themselves and improve themselves in the course of various activities. By completing a series of activities and tasks, the collective strength of the class can be condensed, and the collective integrity of the class can be established, so that students can have a good, united and upward struggling environment. Third: Strengthen the training of class cadres In the final analysis, student cadres are only students. They will inevitably make mistakes and mistakes in their work. They may find it difficult to grasp the proper measures or even have the ability to act as class cadres. They should not be allowed to let student cadres go and let them go. They should pay timely attention to their work effects, work conditions, and give counseling, suggestions and correct quotations every week.Guidance helps them to work more comfortably and truly become their right arm and left arm. Fourth: Strengthen the Moral Education Training of Class Students With the development of economy and society, people pay more and more attention to the interests of money and economic value. Students are also deeply influenced by society. Some students show indifference and indifference to their family and friendship with their classmates, even to their difficulties.This semester, whether in teaching or in regular contact with students, we should strengthen the guidance and education of students'moral education, especially the reiteration and cultivation of some traditional Chinese virtues. Through a series of second-class activities and collective activities, we should cultivate students' sense of cooperation, teamwork and spirit of friendship and mutual assistance. Especially, we should make good use of the "Red March" learning Leifeng activities to let the students in the class.All the students feel the beauty of true love and friendship. Fifth: Pay attention to some special students Through one semester's observation and understanding, there will always be some students in the class who have bad habits, poor academic performance, strange temper, special family and so on. They should pay special attention to such students, pay attention to their life and study, and give timely corrective help and guidance care where they do wrong and irregular things, so as to make them feel confident.Feel warm, let them not lag behind, not go far, let them also do their best for the unity, stability and struggle of the class, and for different students have to adopt different methods, hard and soft, this article should be mastered by themselves, as long as good results can be achieved. Sixth: Strongly grasp the construction of style of study and guide students to enter the state of preparations for entering senior three in advance. Every effort should be made to create a good learning atmosphere for students and build a good class style of study.More than substitute teachers to communicate and understand the situation, formulate a learning style construction plan, take each monthly exam seriously, for students who are expected to enter the university, we should always keep a close eye on, constantly grasp, continue to make efforts, develop more Miaozi students, and give more encouragement and encouragement to students.Make students have a sense of pressure and urgency, so that stud

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