Selection Personal Resume of Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Successful application can help you to enter the most suitable school according to your own conditions. It can not be ignored that a resume is a material reflecting the applicant's own situation.The vast majority of foreign schools require applicants to provide, and as an important basis for the examination and approval of admission. There are many English translations of resumes, such as Personnel Vita, Autobiographical Statement, Personal Statement, Autobiography and Resume.Among them, "Resume" is slightly different.Personal resume should generally outline my education, professional interests, work experience, achievements and family background. Points for attention in resume writing.According to the requirements of each school, the following analysis is made specially: 1. The structure of a resume can be divided into three or four paragraphs.The first paragraph gives a brief account of your personal situation, such as name, birth time and place, family background, etc.A good family education is certainly good for your success.But the United States does not attach great importance to this, and generally can not write.The second paragraph can be developed around your schooling experience, but don't make the narrative too rigid by using a running account style.The third paragraph focuses on your college life. Why did you choose this subject? It can echo the previous narration.The fourth paragraph is about your ability and personality. 2. The content should focus on your motivation to study abroad, the achievements you have made so far, and your lifelong goals. 3. Personal resume avoids too many adjectives, such as imagination, creativity, etc. It is appropriate to give a small example to illustrate. 4. Resume about 200-300 words is acceptable, not too long. Example 1 Personal Resume of Computer Graduates I have the honor to present a brief introduction of myself to you in compliance with the requirements of your graduate admission I was born in November 7th, 1966, at the town of Changing, Beijing. My parents are doing business and farming. I have one elder sister, one younger sister, and two younger brothers.Education at a public vocational technical high school at the neighboring county Fangshan. Courses I have taken there include: mechanical structure, applied mechanical dynamics, material strength, heat treatment analysis, and electrical engineering. I have also practiced courses on lathe work, bench work, casting, engineering drawing, and electronic engineering.After graduation from this technical school, I found a job at the Evergreen Traffic Corp. When I had worked one year in mechanical design and heat treatment analysis, I was admitted to the Computer Science Department of Beijing Institute of Technology. Computer science education was an extension of my pursuit in electronic knowledge, it had led me into the world of applied electronics. Courses I had taken are: Calculus, Computer Programming (FORTRAN, COBOL, ASSEMBLY, and BASIC), Computer architecture, algorithm, maintenance, system analysis, and some related courses in Accounting, Statistics, Op.Operation research, Digital value analysis. Beginning at the second year of college, I participated in a work study program and was assigned to the computer center of Far East Textile Corp. as night-shift computer operator, the computers I dealt with were CDC 3300 MSOS and IBM 370-115 DOS/VS system. The major work I had done was the system transference of CDC 3300: MSOS to IBM 370-115 DOS/V system.S. In 1989, I was employed by China Automobile Corp. as a computer programmer, and was informed to work on the first of June. For the first six months of my service, I was in charge of the IBM 4331; DOS/VSE System Operation, and later on dealt with personnel/payroll and financing system programming works. In the second year, I was promoted to be a system analyst for personnel/payroll system. In an attempt to upgrade the efficiency of computer data and to simp systemLify users operating procedures, I redesigned the whole working system and I successfully transferred a Batch operation from oriented system to on-line system. In the third year, I spent five months in the development of subsystem of financingaccounting. No sooner had I finished that system than I was reassigned as a Subsystem Programmer in charge.At that positio

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