School-based research program for the first semester of the school year 2019-2020 in Songjia Primary School I. Guiding Ideas: Carefully implement the spirit of the Ministry of Education's "Provisions for Continuing Education of Primary and Secondary School Teachers" and "Outline of Basic Education Curriculum Reform (Trial Implementation)", actively explore the school-based training mode with schools as the main training base and principals as the first responsible person for training, give full play to the training functions and advantages of the school, and realize the training content and training according to the unified requirements of the regional and county education bureaus.The school-based training model promotes teachers'professional growth and vitality, and strives to create a good pattern of teachers' lifelong education and sustainable development. II. Training objectives  1To establish a teacher training system that is active, open and efficient and meets the needs of teachers'autonomous choice of learning, so as to make school-based training in our school more scientific, standardized and serialized.2. Renewing the concept of education, striving to build a team of learning teachers with noble ethics, excellent business, reasonable structure, full of vitality, scientific research ability and innovative spirit, and cultivating a number of research-oriented teachers who have certain ability of teaching and research in the theory and practice of curriculum reform. 3. All on-the-job teachers of the training target are required to participate in the training and assessment. IV. Training Contents 1Teachers'ethics training takes "three love" education as the main line, and carries out political and ideological education, mental health education, legal education and professional ethics education for teachers, so that teachers can establish correct world outlook, outlook on life, values and professional outlook of teachers, and improve their ideological and moral accomplishment and psychological quality.Establish a new type of teacher-student relationship, strengthen the self-cultivation of teachers, and create a good image of teachers.With excellent principals and excellent teachers as the main stories, and combined with the stories of excellent teachers as living teaching materials, learning and reflection can be carried out to improve the spiritual quality of teachers'dedication and dedication. 2The training of modern educational theory should conscientiously study educational theory and combine with the guiding ideology, objectives and relevant policies of the new curriculum reform.Focusing on the teaching and research group as the unit, curriculum reform as the core content, the learning of the "Basic Education Curriculum Reform Outline", "Subject Curriculum Standard" and the research on the problems in the teaching of the new curriculum reform as the main content, collecting and collating the relevant curriculum reform information, organizing learning and discussion exchanges, so as to integrate theory with teaching practice, and promoting teachers to internalize advanced ideas into teaching.Behavior promotes teachers to study and master effective teaching methods and means to implement the new curriculum in teaching practice. 3Education and teaching skills training should be carried out among all teachers in modern teaching skills training, including case study ability, teaching design ability, scientific application of teaching evaluation ability, communication ability between teachers and students, problem reflection and problem solving ability.Especially for new teachers in three years, we should strengthen the training. 4Educational research training is an important part of school-based training. Teachers are required to gradually build up awareness of teaching research and scientific research, and to train basic methods of educational research around the implementation of the new curriculum and in combination with classroom teaching, so as to gradually improve the level and ability of teachers'educational research work. 5The training of modern information technology knowledge requires teachers to master modern educational information technology generally.The main content is related to office software and courseware production. 6The special training of young teachers promotes the improvement of young teachers'professional skills

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