Evaluation of pupils'appraisal Guiding students to finish their homework in time You are a smart and thoughtful boy. Although you are young, you are a real master in class. You read carefully and ask different questions. What a thoughtful child you are!Every time I see your eyes thirsting for knowledge, the teacher would like to teach you all the knowledge; whenever I encounter a difficult question, the students can not answer it and you can answer it clearly, the students all admire you in their hearts.Teachers sincerely hope that you do not delay your homework because of temporary playfulness, you should know how to cherish time. Contribution by Lu Xiaoguang You have a wide range of knowledge, whether it is forest, ocean, or the earth, the universe, you are talking, so your partner gave you a nickname "Little Doctor".This is the result of your accumulated efforts.Learning classroom knowledge well and completing homework after class is the "boat" and "oar" that you navigate the knowledge ocean. A strong "boat" and flexible "oar" will enable you to reach the other side of knowledge as soon as possible. Can you make good use of the "boat" and "oar"? Ma Rongyan's contribution You are an understanding and helpful child.The sincerity of your face touches the teacher; the concern of your eyes makes the students feel great warmth.Teachers really hope you can have more advantages, such as listening more carefully in class and finishing homework better after class.Efforts start today and success starts from zero.You won't let the teacher down, will you? Contribution by Li Shuanghong

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