Tuwang Primary School Work Plan 1. Guiding ideology This semester, our school's teaching plan and research work will continue to improve the quality of education and teaching plan for the purpose of people-oriented, to deepen curriculum reform and classroom teaching plan reform as the center, to follow the working ideas of "thinking as the guide, teaching and research as the basis, teacher training as the guarantee, quality improvement as the goal", to focus on organizational-based teaching and research, strengthen the regular management of teaching plan, and strive to raise it.Higher professional quality of teachers, gradually highlight the characteristics of the school, promote development through innovation, and create brilliance with characteristics, so as to achieve the quality of our school's education and teaching plan to a new level.2. Target 1. Build a high-quality team of teachers to improve the quality of teachers as a whole; 2. Form normative teaching plan conventions and harmonize the management of the whole teaching plan; 3. Grasp the balanced development of students and improve the quality of teaching plan in an all-round way.Third, the main work (1) Strengthening the construction of teachers and forging the highquality teachers of learning and scientific research are the important guarantee for the smooth implementation of curriculum reform and the improvement of the quality of education.This semester, we will continue to work hard to strengthen the backbone of teachers.Constantly create conditions for their growth ladder.1. Strengthen the study of curriculum reform theory, promote the advance of curriculum reform experiment with the deepening of theory, and improve teachers'professional quality and research ability.We will adhere to the system of business learning and teaching plan research every Thursday afternoon, and continue to carry out the "teacher forum" activities in experimental primary schools.2. Develop teaching and research activities to build professional teaching staff.Actively build a platform for teachers to enhance, as far as possible, so that teachers have the opportunity to go out and communicate with famous teachers.3. Continue to carry out "reflective teaching plan" activities.Teachers are required to take the initiative to reflect on their own teaching plan practice on the basis of exploring and solving classroom teaching plan behavior. 4Teachers and apprentices pair up to promote teachers'professional growth.Middle-aged and old-aged teachers with high morality and excellent professional skills should pair up with young teachers. Middle-aged and old teachers should pass on their experience to young teachers and bring style to promote young teachers to stand out or become backbone teachers in cities, counties and schools as soon as possible.5. Teachers should practice "internal skills" and strengthen the basic skills of teaching plan.Teachers are encouraged to sum up their experience and write papers.Schools award awards for published and awarded papers.6. Strengthen inter-school friendship activities.This issue will organize some teachers to participate in the observation and research of teaching plans in primary schools at county and municipal levels, and learn to observe high-quality courses to improve the quality and level of teaching plans. (2) Based on classroom teaching plan research, improving the quality of teaching plan is not only the life of the school, but also the life of the teacher's work and the political life of the teacher.We should establish a scientific quality concept, adhere to the people-oriented quality concept, adhere to the quality concept of all-round development, adhere to the quality concept of sustainable development, adhere to the quality concept of balanced development, and strive to face all students and promote their all-round development.1. Optimize collective lesson preparation.Collective lesson preparation of teaching and research group is an important form of group-based teaching and research. Activities should be thematic and serialized in content, and full participation system and rotation system should be implemented in form.Activities should be planned, with central topics, records, central spokespersons and final summaries.2. Mutual listening and evaluation to improve the level of teachers'classroom teaching plan.Executive leaders attend, evaluate and guide classes at least four times a month, a

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