School Network Work Plan Guidance:This school network work plan is for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. The new semester has begun and a new student union has been set up. In order to do well the work of the Network Department and cooperate with other departments, the Network Department has drawn up a series of work plans for the new semester.First, the maintenance and updating of the college website is the most basic work of the Network Department.The website of the college has always been a platform for students to exchange and obtain information. Its normal operation is of great significance for students to understand the information of the college.In the new semester, while maintaining, we will modify some sections to make the settings more reasonable and rich.Dealing with malicious advertisement information on the web is that students are not affected by malicious advertisement.Publish and update the information of the College in time, and publish the summary of the activities of the College in time.Publicize the section of students'heaven and earth so that some students can get information on the website.2. Combining with the work of the Student Union, we should give prominence to publicity and strengthen cooperation with other departments.In the early stage of each work carried out by the Student Union, the Network Department will collect and collate information from various departments and make use of network resources.Publish it on the website in time and do a good job of propaganda.At the same time, we work closely with the propaganda department to produce and post activity posters.After the event, organize and comment.

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