School Admission Work Plan Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you.   (2007-2008 first semester) First, guiding ideology Closely around our school to create a two-star vocational school, to "three norms" as the working criterion, adhere to the scientific concept of development, emancipate the mind, pioneer and innovate, fine management, down-to-earth work, quality and quantity to complete the recruitment task. Second, the general idea Further analysis of the distribution of students in our school in recent years, grasp the situation of students in Qingpu District, Huaian City and surrounding junior high schools, identify key areas of enrollment, find a breakthrough in enrollment; increase enrollment propaganda, constantly enhance the credibility of the school; strengthen the training of enrollment personnel, create a fine enrollment team; improve the enrollment network, and comprehensively improve the quality of students. III. Organization of work   1。Increase the propaganda of enrollment    (1) Carry out a special discussion on the situation and Countermeasures of enrollment in Huai'an Architectural Engineering School, and let as many teachers as possible participate in the discussion, so that all teachers and staff can understand the situation of enrollment, know the crisis facing them, know that everyone has a great responsibility, and actively participate in the school enrollment propaganda and enrollment work. At the same time, make a text of the special discussion and use the results of the discussion to guide the enrollment work.。    (2) Mining the potential and material to the greatest extent.We have conducted in-depth interviews and follow-up reports on the employment stars among the graduates of our university, and processed their typical cases into written archives, so as to enhance the publicity and persuasion of our school's enrollment work.     (3) Reasonable use of television, newspapers, the Internet and other media for enrollment publicity, to improve the school's visibility and reputation.     (4) Actively carry out networking activities with big-income schools, strengthen communication, deepen friendship, and strive for their support and help in the recruitment of students in our school.     2 。 Further improving the enrollment network and training the enrollment team    (1) By investigating and studying the enrollment situation of our school in recent years, we determine the main and nonmain source areas, analyze the causes of the formation of the source areas, expand the main source areas, increase non-main source areas, and constantly improve the enrollment network.    (2) Establish small files of principals, directors and teachers in charge of primary and secondary schools in each student source area so as to communicate and communicate in a timely manner.   (3) Obtain the relevant information of the junior three students in each source area through various ways, so that the work of enrollment can be targeted.     (4) To do a good job in the research of the enrollment market and actively open up out-of-school enrollment sites.     (5) Strengthen the training of enrollment personnel and build a highquality enrollment team.     3 。 Steady work, quality and quantity on time to complete all other tasks of admission office.   (1) Open up the recruitment market of short-term skills training courses as soon as possible.     (2) Do a good job in all aspects of freshmen enrollment    (3) To be responsible for dealing with the remaining problems after admission.     (4) Make a good job of statistics, analysis and material collation of freshmen's various data.     (5) Collect feedback information conscientiously and do a good job of enrollment plan and summary work in time.    (6) Complete all other tasks assigned by the school on time and earnestly.    Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you.

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