Scholarly Campus Reading Activity Program in Middle Schools This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! In order to advocate the fashion of good reading and good reading among students, teachers and parents in our school, broaden teachers'cultural vision, promote the formation expand of family cultural students' consolidate atmosphere, knowledge, students'cultural connotation, develop curriculum resources and promote the transformation of students' learning styles.The school will designate April as the "Shuxiang Campus" Reading Festival every year.Books are the ladder of human progress!Let the extra-curricular books open windows and doors for students to see a world of infinite charm.Enrich their knowledge, broaden their horizons, activate their thinking, cultivate their sentiments, and make them experience: "I read, I am happy!""Books can make us happy all our lives!" I. Purpose of Activity     1Advocate the concept of "book fragrance as companion" among teachers, upgrade the simple "reading is a need" to "reading is a responsibility", "reading is a pleasure", "reading is a useful way of life", in order to promote students to read, promote teachers to improve their professional quality, enjoy reading, education and enjoy life.     2Advocate students to "read well, read well, read well", use novel, lively and diverse reading activities as a carrier to stimulate students'interest in reading, develop good reading habits, so that reading gradually becomes a way of life for students, and lay the foundation for their lifelong learning.    3Through the Reading Month Activity, we will carry out a school-wide reading activity to build a unique school culture and enhance the school's taste.     4In a strong reading atmosphere, we should really read more books, read good books, appreciate the fun of reading, understand the essence of reading, and promote the construction of school and class.     5Through carrying out various reading activities, awareness students'ideological and cultural quality can be improved, so that students can establish a scientific world outlook, outlook on life and values. II. Activity Theme With books as a medium, book as a friend; establish a gentleman, be a wise person (read ancient and modern books, learn to be a scholar and refined person) 3. Activity slogans     1Who was the world's scholar on the other day?     2Knowledge of China and foreign countries, knowledge of the past and present, and knowledge of the future, before understanding reason Reading Nature, Society and Life is the only way to read IV. Activity Organization Group Leaders: Wang Jinshi, Lin Liuming, Chen Qinyao, Huang Qinhua, Ke Dehui Members: Directors, Teams, Language Groups V. Activity Time   March 1, XXXX year - April 30, XXXX year VI. Activity Contents (1) Teachers'Reading   1Teachers make personal reading plans.     2To carry out professional theoretical learning activities among all teachers, recommend compulsory bibliographies, make use of school libraries, network and other resources, and require every teacher to carefully study books and magazines such as Interpretation of New Courses, Sukhomlinski's Proposals for Teachers, Dream of New Education, Education Cases 100 Affecting Classical Teachers, Shanghai Education, Shandong Education, etc.And around these books of educational and teaching theory, every teacher carefully takes notes of theoretical study. Every semester, every teacher reads a book which is conducive to improving the theoretical literacy of education and teaching, and writes well the reading experience from the extracts. Suggestion: The school sends each teacher a "reading note" and hand it in at the end of each semester.     3Make use of double holidays and holidays to recite classics and famous works to enrich oneself.     4Schools set a third class on Wednesday afternoon every month to carry out reading salon activities, exchange reading experience, recommend good books to each other and circulate them to each other, so that "precipitated" books "flow".After each activity, the section leader is responsible for su

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