Research travel will be included in the teaching plan (Eight Product Systems of Affiliated Research Tourism) Beijing Luwei Scenic Planning and Design Institute Editor's Note: As a special tourism, research travel is gradually coming into people's vision, and has become an important measure to expand the space for tourism development. It is also an important way to solve the problem of off-season working days.On December 19, the Ministry of Education and other 11 departments jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Study Travel of Primary and Secondary School Students" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), which regulates the Study Travel of Primary and Secondary School Students.When research travel is stipulated as a part of school education and teaching, its value and effect will inevitably be greatly guaranteed and released. Research travel is a kind of cultural tourism, in which culture is the soul and tourism is the carrier.Experience, education, entertainment and leisure are its main characteristics. Compared with traditional tourism, research tourism pays more attention to the cultural tourism resources of the destination. It is a high-level tourism to meet the needs of self-improvement. Research travel has developed for a long time abroad, but it is still in the initial stage of development in China.Through the study trip, students can feel totally different customs and customs, which is very helpful to broaden students'horizons, improve students' interpersonal skills and emergency response ability.In addition, research travel pays attention to both learning and sightseeing. For any scenic spot visit, research travel carries on a visit with questions and thoughts, and pays attention to the growth of students.For students, the most important experience of a good study trip is not just to travel, nor to learn, but to understand.What students hear and see may exert a subtle influence on them. 2016On December 19, the Ministry of Education and other 11 departments jointly issued "Opinions on Promoting Research Travel for Primary and Secondary School Students".The Opinion points out that research travel should be included in primary and secondary education and teaching plans.Primary and secondary schools should integrate research travel into school education and teaching plans in light of local conditions, take into account the comprehensive practical activities curriculum, and promote the organic integration of research travel and school curriculum.Schools should flexibly arrange research travel time according to educational and teaching plans, generally in the fourth to sixth grade of elementary school, junior middle school to second grade of senior high school, and first to second grade of senior high school. According to the characteristics of school segments and regional characteristics, schools should gradually establish a curriculum system of research travel activities in primary school with local conditions as the main factor, in junior middle school with county and city conditions as the main factor, and in senior high school with provincial and national conditions as the main factor. "Opinions" emphasizes that we should strengthen the construction of research travel base.A number of safe and suitable travel bases for primary and secondary school students should be built, and access criteria, exit mechanism and evaluation system should be explored.Create a number of demonstration research travel routes, and form a reasonable layout, interconnected research travel network. For the organization and security of research travel, the Opinions require that schools organize research travel in the form of self-development or entrusted development, but they should report it to the administrative department of education for the record according to the administrative authority, and do a good job in the management and security of student activities. To sign agreements with parents, if schools take the initiation of research travel by commission, they should choose qualified and reputable enterprises to cooperate with, and sign agreements with enterprises to clearly entrust enterprises or institutions with the responsibility of students'research travel safety. It is understood that since 2012, eight provinces (districts and cities) including Anhui, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Shanghai, Hebei, Jiangxi, Chongqing and Xinjiang have been selected to carry out the pilot work of research travel. Twelv

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