The contract of renting a house Party A (lessor): ID card: Party B (lessee): ID card: The following agreements were reached: 1. Party A shall lease to Party B the premises ______________________________________________The results of this study are as follows:1. 2. The monthly rent of this house is RMB________________________________ During the lease period of Party B, Party A shall bear the property fee.Party B shall bear water, electricity, heating, gas, telephone broadband and other expenses incurred by Party B. At the end of the lease, Party B shall pay the arrears. 4. During the term of the house lease, any party requesting termination of the contract shall notify the other party in advance of ________________ 5. Party B shall bear all other expenses incurred in renting the house except land and overhaul expenses. 6. During the lease period, Party B shall not have the right to sublet or sublet the house without Party A's consent; Party B shall not change the structure of the house or its use; Party B shall be liable for compensation if the house and its supporting facilities are damaged due to Party B's human reasons.If Party B damages houses and facilities due to improper use, it shall be responsible for repairing the original condition or making economic compensation.If water, electricity, gas and other improper use or man-made casualties and accidents, it has nothing to do with Party A, the consequences are at its own expense. Party A guarantees that the house is free of property rights disputes; Party B shall assist Party A in requesting Party A to provide property rights certificates or other relevant certification materials for its business needs. 8. In case of disputes arising from this contract, the two parties shall negotiate and settle them. If no negotiation can be reached, either party shall have the right to bring a lawsuit to the people's court and request judicial settlement. 9. Party B shall not engage in illegal activities in the house, and shall pay attention to the house and its own property and personal safety.In case of violation of law and personal safety liability accident, they shall be responsible for themselves.Party A shall not bear all legal and civil liabilities. 10. This contract is in duplicate. Each party holds one copy. It will come into effect on the date of signature by both parties. Detailed list: Door key handle; Heating card sheet; Water card __________________; Electric card _______ First party: Party B: 2019Year________________ Day

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