Rental contract Guidance:This rental contract is for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. Party A: ID Card Number: Address: Party B: Party A rents his house located in *** City *** square meters to Party B for use. After consultation, the two parties sign the following contract: First, Party A rents his house to Party B for office use, model text of the contract: the text of the rental contract.2. The lease term depends on the actual needs of Party B.It is tentatively scheduled for three months from the date of * month * 2005 to * month * 2005.During the period of the contract, the unilateral party can not change or tear up the contract at will, nor can it rent it to others.After the expiration of this contract, if Party B needs to renew the contract, it must submit to Party A one month in advance, and under the premise of no breach of contract and the same conditions, the next lease can be arranged in priority.3. The monthly rent totals RMB ** yuan. Party B is responsible for all taxes and fees.When signing a contract, Party B shall pay a deposit of ** yuan to Party A. After the expiration of the contract, Party B does not have it. Party A must unconditionally return the deposit to Party B.4. Rent delivery method: monthly delivery, monthly * days before the payment of the current month's rent.If it fails to pay within the time limit, it shall be charged with a late payment of RMB * yuan per day. If it exceeds ** days, it shall be punished as a breach of contract. The contract shall terminate on its own and the deposit shall not be refunded.Party B shall be responsible for the water and electricity charges and CCTV charges used by Party B during the period of renting the house.6. Party B must abide by social morality in the course of use, keep clean and sanitary, civilized and polite, maintain good order, and do not let loud noise affect other people's rest.7. During the term of the contract, neither party shall be punished for breach of contract if it is unable to perform the contract due to changes in state policies, regulations or actual needs of the project.8. This contract shall enter into force on the date of signature by both parties.This contract is in duplicate, one for each party.甲 方: 乙 方: **年***月***日 --------- 甲 方:_ ___________________________________ 地 址:___________ _ 邮码:____________ 电话:____________ 法定代表人:_____ _______ 职务:____________ 乙 方:______________________ ______________ 地址:____________ 邮码:____________ 电 话 : ____________ The legal representative: _________________________________________________The rent of the house is forRenminbi (including construction tax).Party B shall pay in ______________.Within 10 days after the entry into force of this contract, Party B pays _____________________Article 3 During the lease period, the house shall be used and managed by Party B, and the house property tax, land use tax and other reasonable taxes and fees shall be borne by Party B.Article 4 During the lease period, the water, heating, electric and hot water, communication, outdoor sanitation, house repair and greening maintenance used by Party B shall be under the unified management of Party A, and the expenses incurred shall be borne by Party B.The expenses incurred in Articles 3 and 4 of Article 5 shall be settled by Party A to Party B within the prescribed time limit on the basis of documents, invoices and relevant stipulated documents.Article 6 The house leased by Party B shall be used by Party B after Party B has passed the acceptance test and paid the rent of the house.Article 7 During the housing warranty period (half a year for hydropower facilities, one year for civil construction, one heating period for heating facilities, counting from the date of Party B's use), Party A shall guarantee the quality of housing.Article 8 The temporary household registration and other procedures for the service personnel of Party B shall be handled by Party A with the help of the relevant local units.Article 9 Liability for breach of contract 1. If Party B breaches the contract, Party B will not refund the rent of the house and pay a one-time penalty of _______________2. After this contract comes into force, if Party A breaches the contract, Party A shall refund the remaining rent to Party B and pay a one-time penalty of _______________3. The lease period of less than half a year shall be calculated by half a yea

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