Reflection on the one or two class two mode examination Summary and Reflection on Class Management In the newly completed second mode examination, the two class rate is only 90%, which falls behind other classes.It reflects that there are loopholes in class management.After comparing with the previous three grades and communicating with the students who did not go online, we found that there management was and a gap the between their requirements of class their classmates. The details are as follows: 1. It does not effectively stimulate students'inner passion and fighting spirit, and lacks effective guidance to students' psychology.In this exam, 15 and 26 belong to the better foundation but not online. After finding out the reasons, they have correct psychological orientation. During the exam 15, they are too nervous, which leads to the abnormal performance of the first two exams. 26 belongs to excessive pressure and heavy ideological burden. They always feel that they are disturbed by the outside world and lack resistance. 2. Lack of guidance on students'answering skills.In the comprehensive assessment, there will still be students who will not follow the principle of "easy first, difficult later", but grasp a problem, resulting in the problem behind no time to do, this phenomenon appears in three or four students who are relatively weak in comprehensive assessment. 3. Lack of attention to the lack of students'sense of purpose, especially the lack of methodological guidance for marginal students.Borderline students are the group most in need of attention and help. They are helpless and lost in learning.Usually, criticism education is only directed at single-subject learning problems, lacking of encouragement and guidance, which results in overburdened psychological burden. Based on this situation, in the next step of class management, students are often encouraged to work hard, stimulate students to move forward, create a struggling and upward collective, bring out a united, tense and disciplined class, so that every student can live happily.Secondly, we optimistically should put and study ideological guidance in the first place. As a specific way of education, motto incentive should be selected and compiled on the side of the blackboard according to the actual situation of students every day, so that senior three students can read it carefully three times before class, one day, and insist on it every day.One is to play the role of education and moisten one's heart with good words; the other is to cultivate students'observation ability and think of countermeasures when things happen; the third is to train students' endurance and succeed if they persist. II. Deficiencies in Chinese Teaching and Next Strategies Generally speaking, it is still not in place to guide the weak links of marginal students and lack of precise efforts.In the next step of teaching, we should make full use of the two-way detailed list in order to analyze the weakest links and topics of students. On the other hand, we should guide students to ask more questions, find out the best angle and links for the help of marginal students, and strive to improve the most urgent problems as a whole in a month.

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