Guide: Quick three play skills, ten classic skills summary!- Teacher 51256294 in synchronization 1. Don't over-invest The investment of play should be moderately determined according to the economic conditions of individuals and families. The play fund must not occupy a high proportion of personal economic income. 2. Don't expect too much. Real life tells us: the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, and the same is true of playfulness. If we always have high expectations of the Grand Prize, we will exhaust ourselves physically and mentally, and we will not be able to experience the fun of playfulness. 3. Don't lose hope Life with hope is beautiful, and the day with hope is sunny.Although it is said that in the days of play, more often than not, we will face the situation of unsuccessful bets, but we can not lose hope because of this. 4. Don't blame yourself. Maybe you were so close to the Grand Prize, or maybe you were just one figure short of it. But we must not blame ourselves for it. From now on, let go of new dreams. Fifth, do not blindly compare There are many friends who throw thousands of dollars in the team, but we can't blindly compare with others. We should take full account of our personal situation. Maybe you can bring you a big prize if you accidentally invest two yuan. 6. Don't be self-enclosed Unity is strength. You must not close yourself. You can consider joining up with your friends around you to make a bet. It will be easier to win the prize. 7. Don't over-study We need to pay attention to the trend of numbers and the situation of award opening, but we should not study too much. The longer the research time is, the more energy we pay, the more expectations we will have.In fact, play needs a plain heart. 8. Don't fall into superstition Some collectors believe in superstition when they play gathering. In order to win the prize, they burn incense and worship Buddha, praying for luck to come to them.In fact, this will only make themselves carry a heavy burden! 9. Need a leader It's very important to have a team, or a good mentor, to give you greater benefits, to provide you with a reliable platform, if you feel that you can't do it well, you can ask the mentor to take you to a clear tower to guide you when you are in chaos.That's to give you a way out. The above represents my personal opinion. If there are still some deficiencies, please communicate with me more!!!

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