Supply plan, after-sales service commitment I. Supply plan: (1) The company guarantees that the specifications of the goods provided are not lower than those of the tender documents, and that the seedlings provided are all healthy and robust, complete crown type, free of diseases and insect pests, mechanical damage and root damage, seedlings are free of wilting and water loss, and balls are free of damage and loosening, which meet the requirements of the parameters.In case of quality problems, the company shall take full responsibility except for unconditional return of goods. (2) If the company is lucky to win the bid, the company guarantees that the delivery will be completed within 7 days after the contract is signed and the buyer's notice of supply is received (supply in batches according to the buyer's requirements to meet the progress requirements of the construction site). II. Design of Supply Organization Chapter 1: Overview This supply organization design is mainly for the preparation of this procurement project. The seedling selection, seedling emergence, seedling transportation and other requirements of this project are briefly described. Detailed submissions are made during the supply process to guide the construction. Chapter II: Overview of Supply Project Name: Item number: Purchasing units: Date of delivery:The contract shall enter into force, the buyer's notice of supply shall be received, and the supply shall be in place within 7 calendar days. Purchase content:Purchasing Main Material of Greening Seedlings Chapter III Overall Supply Deployment Supply deployment is the outline to guide the procurement project, including supply organization and coordination, construction preparation, main scheme selection, organization and so on. Section I Supply Organization and Coordination (1) Manpower Organization After studying the characteristics of this project, besides choosing the excellent members of the project team of the company, we also plan to assign the construction team with mature technology and rich experience to complete the corresponding project construction under the unified arrangement of the project department. 1Pre-procurement preparation 1.1Procurement staff preparation The quality of purchasing personnel is the key factor to ensure the quality of this project. With years of construction experience, our company makes us have a full understanding of seedlings and cultivates many excellent workers. Accurate seedling selection, rapid seedling emergence, safe loading and accurate seedling transportation are the construction standards on which our company depends for survival. 1.2stores reserve The number of seedlings in this supply project is too large. The seedlings needed in construction site can be supplied in time by implementing the purchase channels of various materials.And do a good job of seedling selection, seedling fixing, seedling emergence and transportation, so as to be ready to do, one step in place, to ensure the progress of the whole project.Our company has a complete variety of seedlings and specifications. 1.3Mechanical preparation Prepare mechanical leasing manufacturer in advance to ensure that machinery can enter at any time.We should fully anticipate all kinds of difficulties in the construction process, rationally arrange the entry of machinery and make preparations for the maintenance and replacement of machinery. Chapter IV Schedule of Supply, Material Supply, Labor Force and Machinery Arrangement Section I Guarantee Measures for Supply Schedule Plan In order to ensure the construction period of the procurement project, give full play to the advantages of our company's professional technical force and machinery and equipment in the process of starting and packaging, pay close attention to the overall management of the site, carefully organize and rationally arrange, and ensure the smooth progress of daily work in an organized, planned and step-by-step manner.Specific measures are: (1) Guarantee in terms of organization, machinery and labour force allocation The company draws up qualified personnel to form the project management department, unifies the command, coordinates the seedling start-up construction at various sites, and draws up qualified technical force and advanced construction machinery and equipment to form the supply function department.The company can provide excellent and abundant greeners, and the number of workers can reach more t

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