Professional and Technical Work Summary Assistant Political Engineer Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Part I: Summary of Professional and Technical Work (Assistant Political Engineer) Summary of Professional and Technical Work My name is ***. I was born in ** Year ** Month. I am ** years old and have a bachelor's degree.I participated in the work of secretarial and office comprehensive affairs in ** year ** month. I am mainly responsible for publicity and reporting, news photography, mass work and office daily affairs.All along, under the guidance and assistance of the leadership and the director of the office, and with the support of colleagues, I strive to adapt to the requirements of the office, conscientiously perform my duties, and better complete the daily work. I have made some progress in business and improved my thinking rapidly. First, the attitude of loving hillock, devoting to work and being conscientious and responsible has been recognized by the leaders.Over the years, I have been conscientiously abiding by the rules and regulations of the enterprise, strictly disciplined, self-restraint, public service, conscientious and responsible work, diligent and willing to work.Enthusiasm for work and sense of responsibility for work have made me recognized by leaders and praised by colleagues.At the same time, we are constantly demanding progress in ideology, always adhering to the guidance of the scientific concept of development, earnestly studying and implementing the Party's line, principles and policies, participating in the study of activists who join the Party, and actively approaching the Party organization in ideology and action. 2. Strict work and outstanding performance. (1) News propaganda and reporting.In order to ensure the efficiency and authenticity of news propaganda and report, and adapt myself to the development requirements of the new situation, I often go to the front line of the grass-roots level, constantly excavate themes, and report objectively, authentically and accurately.2006 to September, I     2012In contributed more than 90 articles to the ** Evening News, the ** Daily, the ***, the original **** Group Internal Journal and the **** Bureau Intranet. More than 60 articles were used, and the propaganda content was positive and upward, which was affirmed by the superior leadership. (2) Writing minutes of the meeting.During the period when the most comprehensive model article reference writing website served as secretary of the company, I earnestly completed the summary of all kinds of meetings of the company, and could highly summarize and concisely write out the spirit of meetings to be conveyed by the leading group and the important issues reflected by the middlelevel leading cadres. As of 2012, I had written more than 30 summaries of meetings. (3) Writing speeches by leaders.In the prescribed time, we have carefully written the speeches of each leader and independently completed the tasks assigned by the Department leaders.During the working period, more than 10 speeches were written by leaders. (4) Presiding over the mass trade union activities of the company.During the period of working for the company's trade unions and the masses, he has organized many colorful recreational activities, such as New Year's Day, Spring Festival Gala, Mountaineering on March 8th Women's Day, National Day Basketball Match and so on.Through a series of activities, such as chess, poker, basketball, table tennis, singing and dancing competitions, the staff's spare-time life has been sublimated to enrich their lives and create a united and harmonious interpersonal relationship. 3. Be willing to serve, be willing to contribute, put yourself in the right position and correct style of work.The office is a coordinating service organization. As one of them, it needs to serve both the superiors and the subordinates. There are many daily trifles.In my work, I always adhere to the diligent, pragmatic and efficient style of work, and conscientiously do my job well.Subordinate to the division of labor, regardless of gains and losses, do not pick priorities.In life, we should adhere to the life style of integrity, modesty and simplicity, put ourselves in a position, Respect leadership and unity. Comrades should live together on an equal footing, treat people with sincerity, stress principles on major matters a

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