2017Primary School Teaching Work Plan Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. I. Guiding Ideas This semester, our school's education and teaching work will be guided by the spirit of the county educational work conference and the fundamental task of "building up morality and cultivating people". We will comprehensively promote quality education, attach importance to the construction of the teaching staff, closely focus on the key work of the central school, create effective teaching classes, effectively improve the quality of education and teaching, strive to achieve "teacher development, student development, school development", and truly run an excellent quality that the masses are satisfied with.Show school. 2. Grasp the Construction of Teachers'Team of 1Construction     Teachers'Ethics To organize teachers to continue to learn the scientific expositions on education in the XX report.In the new situation, we should clarify our working ideas, tasks and priorities, strengthen our sense of responsibility and sense of mission, and create a good atmosphere in which everyone wants to be an official, everyone tries to do good things, and everyone has the ability to do good things.   2 Business promotion: A doctor with a smile, but he has no medical skills, then he has no medical ethics; a teacher with a smile, but she does not have the ability, she also does not have teacher ethics) teacher, so preaching is also a problem.Teach the students a glass of water and they have to have a bucket of water.This requires our teachers to have rich connotations, to enhance their own literacy: One is to calm down and practice internal skills.Strengthen their own writing and reading training. The second is to carry out various activities.This semester, we will carry out class teacher speech contest, young teachers contest, demonstration class, open class, teachers listen to each other, class evaluation and so on, and use these activities as carriers to improve the overall quality of teachers. Third, we should pay attention to teaching reflection.Teaching reflection is to think, explore and solve the problems in all aspects of education and teaching process. The instructor urges teachers to constantly reflect, analyze, summarize and summarize in their work.Learn in reflection, comprehend in reflection, and improve in reflection.Ultimately achieve the goal of constantly improving their business level. 3. Grasp the Regular Management of Teaching The best management is demonstration, and the best education is infection. the Regular     1Grasp Management of Teachers Establish and improve various rules and regulations, implement daily quantitative assessment, link the assessment results with performance, and resolutely achieve openness, fairness and fairness in the assessment.We will resolutely put an end to cell phone calls in class and wear cool tows and exposed clothes on campus.Do not be late and leave early, work is not perfunctory, do not work in shifts, slip away, chat, do not do personal work in the work.Teachers follow-up inspection found that a late and early refund of 10 yuan, class calls, chaotic classroom, found no teacher in the classroom fined 50 yuan, within the responsibility area time there are petitions, violations of discipline and malignant incidents, unsafe incidents occurred, deducted 20% from 30% of performance pay, and affect the end of the year my assessment.     2Pay attention to the routine management in Teaching Teaching work is the central work of a school, and quality is the lifeline of a school. All the work of a school must be subordinated to this center. Improving teaching quality is the eternal theme of school education and teaching work, and the consciousness of establishing a school with quality should be firmly established. Preparing lessons: Optimizing the link of preparing lessons, requiring the third to fifth grade Chinese to try the "separation and integration" teaching mode, other disciplines, grade according to the "learning before teaching, on-thespot training" mode, in accordance with the principle of effectiveness, to achieve "in the brain, in the chest, in the teaching material, in the heart, in the subject of students" four have to prepare lessons, requiring each teacher to achieve high-quality lesson preparation. Class: Class on time, the classroom to achieve four points "Smile and encourage more, the develop

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