Primary School Mathematics Teachers'Person al Growth Plan Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Part 1: Primary School Mathematics Teachers'Personal Growth Plan I. Guiding Ideas: Guided by Deng Xiaoping's theory, the important thought of "Three Representatives" and the scientific development concept, the educational thought of "people-oriented", the new curriculum concept as the theoretical guidance, the promotion of quality education and curriculum reform as the core, and through subject research and school-based research, the purpose of improving teaching quality is achieved. 2. Mathematics teaching under the new curriculum standard: Under the new curriculum concept, mathematics teaching will change from "paying attention to students'learning results" to "paying attention to students' activities" and "reshaping the formation process of knowledge". Curriculum design and implementation will change from "giving knowledge" to "guiding activities".Advocating students to explore actively, study independently, discuss cooperatively and embody the process of rediscovery of mathematics. Mathematics teaching is no longer a process of teachers'imparting knowledge to students, but a process of creating an environment for students and encouraging them to "observe", "operate", "discover". In this process, through cooperation and communication, students can develop their ability of independent learning and develop their personality.And stimulate students'interest in learning, improve students' ability to learn mathematics.Our teachers are in the same position as students in the whole process of education and teaching. They are the common participants and learners, and the "guides" in the teaching process. III. Current situation analysis: Social background analysis: With the implementation of quality education and the continuous improvement of the new curriculum concept, higher and newer requirements have been put forward for teachers'theoretical literacy, personal quality and educational and teaching concepts.As a teacher, he must go with the new curriculum reform and adapt to the new curriculum requirements. He must renew his ideas, change his role, learn and master new professional knowledge and skills, and constantly explore, accumulate and update in practice to promote his own development. Self-analysis: As a primary school mathematics teacher, I have a strong sense of career and responsibility, keep pace with the times, abide by the rules and regulations of the school, actively participate in various educational and teaching activities organized inside and outside the school, and have a systematic and planned education and teaching work.Although we have mastered some advanced concepts and methods of curriculum reform, we can not make every class more skillful and handy. Classroom teaching has not yet formed its own unique teaching style.In addition, the theory of education and teaching and the knowledge of advanced mathematics need to be charged urgently, the information technology needs to be further studied and improved, the work is not meticulous enough to be improved, and the affinity for students needs to be strengthened. IV. Development Goals: Overall development goals: Through hard work, in the next three years, we will strive to grow up to be an excellent teacher with broad knowledge and rich foundation, solid basic skills and excellent teaching ability, and strong "love" and "responsibility" to contribute our strength to "all for children, all for children, all for children". Specific development goals:     1Teachers'morality: earnestly study relevant laws and regulations, teach in accordance with the law, love posts and devote oneself to one's work, be a model of teachers, and rigorously manage one's studies.    2Teaching: Reviewing the new curriculum standards, seriously studying teaching materials, renewing educational ideas, learning advanced teaching methods, and forming its own unique teaching style as soon as possible.    3Business: actively participate in continuing education and training, pay attention to the training of professional knowledge, and establish the idea of lifelong learning; strengthen the study of professional ethics and quality education through special lectures, teaching and research activities and individual self-study, promote the improvement of teachers&ap

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