2017Primary School Library Work Plan Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. I. Guiding Ideas With the guiding ideology of "serving teachers and students", we should firmly establish the consciousness of serving teachers and students in the reading room, make full use of existing books, materials and equipment, carry out colorful reading activities, stimulate students'reading interest and create a new situation of reading. II. Key Points of Work     1Actively cooperate with school activities and do a good job in service.     2Develop colorful reader activities to guide readers to make full use of Library resources.     3To continuously add new books to meet students'desire for knowledge, and to do a good job in the classification, cataloguing and shelving of new books.Work plan and 4Introducing     recommending new books by using library website and window to arouse students'enthusiasm for reading. III. Specific Arrangements     1Improving the management of library routine work We will implement the management system of collecting, processing, borrowing, keeping, compensating, counting, eliminating, borrowing and reading documents, and constantly improve and strictly enforce it in our work.Attention should be paid to creating a good reading atmosphere to better guide students'reading activities.     2Scientific and standardized document management Purchasing and subscribing books, newspapers and periodicals carefully, paying attention to selection, striving to play the role of educating people of literature and materials, and checking and accepting all kinds of books and periodicals ordered, so as to avoid school losses.     3Strengthen the circulation management and give full play to the educational function of books     Improving the Management Quality of Student Librarians To further strengthen the construction of school librarians, this semester focuses on the training of junior librarians.Clear responsibilities and improve service level.     (2) Pay attention to the construction of Library Lending positions We will implement the regular lending system for all classes and improve the circulation rate of books and materials.     4Actively Promote Reading Activities     Guiding students to choose good books. Conduct reading guidance activities to guide students to choose meaningful good books to cultivate their sentiments, broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge, renew their understanding, adjust their learning life, and promote the improvement of various qualities.Regularly carry out good books and new book recommendation activities to guide students'reading activities.     (2) Guidance of reading methods. Guides the student to use the scientific, effective, suitable reading method, increases the knowledge in the reading, understands the reason in the reading.Encourage students to do a good job of reading abstracts, and actively write after reading.And achieve three combinations: reading and their own interests and hobbies, and classroom teaching, and their own knowledge structure strengths and weaknesses.     5According to the actual situation of school libraries and the work objectives of schools, we should conscientiously formulate relevant work plans, summarize experience in time, and find out the existing problems, so as to better serve the education and teaching work. The position of library is becoming more and more important in today's vigorously advocating quality education. In order to play its educational function more effectively, I will work together with all teachers and students to do a solid job.Primary School Library Work Plan 2017 In order to do a good job in the new semester and the new beginning, librarians should improve their professional knowledge and management level to better serve education and teaching.We should conscientiously do a good job in the construction, allocation, management and use of libraries, strengthen the management and construction of libraries, give full play to the special educational effect of Libraries in school education and teaching, play an important role in cultivating highquality talents with innovative consciousness and ability, and make libraries play a greater role in quality education. I. Guiding Ideas Guided by Deng Xiaoping's theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" and based on the Regulations of Primary and Secondary School Libr

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