Second semester English Graduation Review Plan of Riverside Primary School in 2010 Reviewing General Class Hours: 37 Class Hours Week ly times 12we ek Class hour First class hour Second class hour Third class hour Fourth class hour 13we ek Fifth class hour Sixth class hour Seventh class hour Lesson 8 and 9 14we ek Tenth class hour Eleventh class hour Twelfth class hour Revision contents Review materials Dialogue: Training, reviewing and summarizing some dialogues with strong communicative functions in primary school stage, such as telephone terminology, shopping, asking for directions, seeing a doctor, borrowing books and so on. 2Learn and recite the dialogue. 3Complete the words missing in the dialogue. (Read and recite in the morning and afternoon hours) Pronoun 1The distinction between personal pronouns and their roles in sentences. 2Memory and application of pronouns of owner of things. 3The usage of the indefinite pronouns some and any. Preposition 1To memorize time prepositions, location prepositions and other prepositions learned in primary school. 2To master the usage of these prepositions through practice. Articles, conjunctions, to do verbs 1The usage difference of article (a/an/the). 2The usage difference between conjunction and/but/when/then/or/so/if. 3The usage of modal verbs. DATA (1) DAILY LANGUAGE OF THE EIGHT DISCUSSIONS (1) Phase quiz 1: (2) Review English verb phrases 1The meaning and usage of modal verbs are different. 2General questions and answers of negative sentences of modal verbs. 3. have to = must wh-question 1Learn interrogative words.Who Where When What How 2The interrogative words of W/H can be used differently. 3Grasp all kinds of special questions and answers. Finding out Test 1 and Commenting on Examination Papers 1Information (16) 2Information (IV) Revision noun 1The plural of countable nouns and the expression of the number of uncountable nouns. 2The usage of noun possessive case. 3The induction and memory of various nouns. (1) Phased quiz 2: (2) Special listening training 1 adjectives and adverbs 1Learn and memorize the adjectives you have learned. 2The composition and usage of Materials (5) & general review Materials (6) & general review Revision Materials (2) & general review Data (19) Level Test Papers for Grade 6 of Primary School in 2009 Materials (7) & general review 1Information (17) 2Information (9) Materials (8) & general review It takes about eight weeks to review in five classes a week.

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