2017Primary School Art Teaching Work Plan Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. The new semester has begun again. On the basis of the current curriculum reform, the curriculum reform of fine arts will be further carried out.Faced with the actual situation of art subject in social development and education reform, combined with the art of life, I will continue to take classroom teaching research as the basic point, pay close attention to the efficiency of classroom teaching for 40 minutes, link students'daily life, and strive to improve the quality of education and teaching.In order to better accomplish the teaching objectives and tasks of this semester, we have worked out the following work plans for this semester: I. Guiding Ideas: Further implement and learn the new art curriculum standards, update teaching concepts and concepts, and use new theories to guide their daily teaching work, so that art teaching work has a new breakthrough. 2. Teaching objectives: This semester, I will continue to teach art in grades 1 to 6. According to the past teaching experience, in view of the students'psychological characteristics and learning situation, through art teaching, I will integrate appreciation, painting and craftsmanship, broaden students' art vision by various interesting and attractive teaching methods, so that students can master painting techniques and continue to accept basic skills and colors.Traditional teaching.Design and handwork continue to be studied in depth.Enhance students'interest and hobby in fine arts, expand traditional teaching of fine arts and colors, and improve their memory, thinking, imagination and practical ability.Let students be able to complete their learning tasks independently and boldly without books and textbooks. 3. Specific work:     1Continue to strengthen the new art curriculum standards and professional training, deepen teaching concepts and concepts. This semester, I will continue to strengthen my own professional training, make use of all the time, learn more, practice more, find more shortcomings of their own, more classroom teaching and discussion as the main research activities, to strengthen their professional ability, so that they can move from understanding the new curriculum to entering the new curriculum. teaching 2Classroom     activities. Strengthen the study of new ideas, new models and new teaching methods in classroom teaching.In the art classroom teaching, we should carry out the teaching research of "art as a kind of cultural learning, as a kind of cultural inheritance".At the same time, we should give full play to our creative spirit, develop the content of textbooks, apply new ideas and try new teaching methods according to the actual situation, and constantly improve our teaching level.In the classroom, discussion and communication, division of labor and cooperation, data survey, situational simulation and roleplaying, appreciation and other teaching activities will be organically combined to mobilize students'enthusiasm, so that students can broaden their horizons and expand their interest and skills in learning.     3To organize students to produce more works and participate in all kinds of competitions at all levels. Fourthly, the problems that should be paid attention to in teaching are as follows:     1Pay attention to classroom order and prevent accidents.Because it is normal for art classes to be more active in the process of operation.But it can not affect the teaching order and other classes.     2Self-tuning pigments are difficult to grasp. We should pay attention to classroom hygiene and cleaning of articles. In a word, art teaching activities should follow the spirit of basic curriculum reform, take curriculum standards as the criterion, take the development of children's interest, experience and knowledge as the goal, cultivate students'good art literacy and solid basic art knowledge, learn simple art skills and art creation consciousness as the goal of teaching, and improve the quality of art teaching.Primary School Art Teaching Work Plan 2017 The difficulty and flexibility of the textbooks for the first to sixth grades of this semester have been increased. The scope and types of the textbooks involved are more abundant. There are many wonderful points in the tools and methods of painting needed. Therefore, it is difficult to learn. However, due

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