• Daily Code of Conduct 好的开始就是成功的一半 点击添加内容 Class Convention • 1. Enter the school door, understand courtesy, teachers and students say hello; • 2. Sit upright, listen carefully, and don't desert in class. • 3. Love learning, study hard, and be modest if you don't understand. 4. Don't catch up, don't fight, talk about civilization during the break. 5. Talk about cooperation, help each other, don't quarrel over trivial matters; 6. Love cleanliness, pay attention to hygiene, clean and personal classroom. 好的开始就是成功的一半 点击添加内容 One day routine • Morning reading • 1. Read early carefully.When you enter the classroom, take out your textbooks. When you read in the morning, you should be serious, not noisy and not walk around. • 2. If you are late for an early reading class, you should stand at the door of the classroom and report to it. Only with permission can you enter the classroom and take a seat.Read early and get 成功的基础在于好的习惯 点击添加内容 • Two. Class • 1. Put necessary stationery and textbooks on the desk before class. • 2. Prepare the bell to ring and all the students enter the classroom. • 3. Students who are late for class should stand at the doorway of the classroom and make a report. Only with the permission of the teacher can they be seated. They are not allowed to rush into the classroom at will, thus affecting the class. • 4. In class, sitting posture should be correct, reading and writing, chest should be one punch away from the table, eyes should be one foot away from the book and paper, not strabismus, do not do small movements, concentrate on listening in class, think actively, take notes carefully, raise hands when asking questions. • 5. Don't talk freely in class, don't walk around freely, don't collide with the teacher, don't interrupt the teacher's speech freely, don't do anything unrelated to the classroom. • 6. When the bell rings, the teacher will signal the end of the class and announce a rest before he can leave his seat.Teachers should not be crowded. Generally speaking, teachers should be allowed to leave the classroom first. Some people should listen to the class, and guests should be courteous. 成功的基础在于好的习惯 点击添加内容 • Three, break between classes • 1. After class, the student on duty should be responsible for cleaning the blackboard and the platform. All the students should go out of the classroom to rest, overlook, exercise properly and adjust their body and mind. • 2. No loud and noisy in the corridor, no chasing and fighting in the campus, no dangerous and violent games.Leave school if you have something to do. • 3. Prepare the bell to ring. All the students will 成功的基础在于好的习惯 点击添加内容 • IV. Sports Activities • 1. During the exercise, the whole class should enter the playground.Make it fast, quiet and even.When you go out, there's a line in the team.The movements are neat, powerful and in harmony with the time. When the radio exercises are over, they queue up and do not break up halfway.If you can't take part in radio exercises due to illness, you should ask for leave in advance. After being approved, a sports committee member or a class leader will report the situation to the sports teacher for assessment. • 2. Carefully do eye exercises, concentrate on ideas, pay attention to hygiene, according to the music rhythm, rubbing acupoints, not to leave the classroom in advance for any reason. • Children's Songs of Daily Behavior Standards 成功的基础在于好的习惯 点击添加内容 1. To go to school singing small schoolbags to carry on their own, happy to go to school.Smile and wave politely: Teacher early! Good morning! 成功的基础在于好的习惯 点击添加内容 2. When raising the flag, we should stand solemnl and sing the National Anthem neatly.Small eyes, look at the flag, move up bit by bit. 要成功必先制定目标 点击添加内容 3. Class song, class bell ringing, sit upright position.Small Hand Flatten!Small feet - close together! Chest - Stand up!Eyes - Look ahead! Focus on the teacher, listen and think.Raise your hands before you speak. The voice is loud and loud. 成功的基础在于好的习惯 点击添加内容 4. Write a song inch by inch and a punch, with your head straight and shoulders flat.The font is neat and beautiful. Eye protection is the key. 要成功必先制定目标 点击添加内容 5. class song After class, the game is polite and the textbooks are well placed.Go to the water, go to the toilet, don't run, don't make noise. 要成功必先制定目标 点击添加内容 6. homework songs Put your left hand on the book and right-hand on it. Read the word aloud.Write carefully and han

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