PPT Matting Skills Course @ Just for design Application Drawing the outline of the main body Here is a rough outline. Clipboard Filling Application Adjustment 1-tiling Flatten the picture into texture Adjustment of 2-offset Adjust offset X to - 25 pounds Application Adjustment 3-Wireless Bar Adjustment-softening edges Set the line color to Wireless Bar Softening edge size 6 pounds Application Overlay original Cover the shape to the corresponding position of the original map Setting up original softening Picture Correction Sharpening and Softening Application Shape adjustment of Adjust the vertex Fine-tuning vertices, more integrated with the original map main body 1. Brightness increased to 15%. 2. Saturation reduced to 90%. Application Copy and tailor 1. Select the subject and background at the same time, copy and paste a picture. 2. Cut out the redundant parts Application Thomas Muller Thomas Muller Germany Germany Add text Additional supplement 1. 2. 3. 4. Magnification The brightness of the picture is 9%. Picture contrast is 33%. Picture saturation is 60%. epilogue 1. When drawing the contour, we can spend more time to draw the precise contour, and we can omit setting the softening edge. 2. The method in this PPT can also be used in professional software such as PS/AI/FW.The methods are matting, blurring, brightness and contrast/hue and saturation adjustment. 3. It is suggested that the material should be highdefinition maps.

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