nksgiving Teachers'Theme Class Meeting 2019.9.9 nd Autumn, the teacher is the master of the season. r is filled with feelings of gratitude for teachers. gain, Teachers'Day is taking a light step. everyone, in me nd childish children to young and astringent youth to youth's life, teachers are the most important. rve our respect and gratitude. In Du Fu's Spring Night and Rain, there is a poem that sneaks into the night with the wind and moistens things silently.Our teachers are just like the rain and dew in spring, moistening our growth silently. On this special day, we should repay this unforgettable gratitude in our way and with our sincerity. eachers and newspaper teachers? ent and inquisitive ct teachers and enterprising hers in Position r forget the teacher manifestation at present is to cherish time. ent, in the high school entrance examination to w Respecting teachers is not a matter of great importance. You just need to start small, as follows: Homework is neat and pleasing to the eyes of teachers. This is respect for teachers. Meet and say hello, let the teacher exhausted, this is respect for teachers; Listen carefully in class, answer questions actively, and make teachers happy in class, which is respecting teachers. To strive hard, to study steadfastly and to achieve good results is to respect teachers. To keep the classroom tidy and to let the teacher enter the classroom with satisfaction is to respect the teacher. Teacher praise a; you are the mountains and rivers.It is you who shaped my soul.You are a rocket carrying Dear teacher, your sincere love has aroused many perplexities, nurtured many self-confidence, ignited many youth and destroyed many sails. The River pushes us to the vast sea, and the dawn brings us a bright morning. Dear teacher, you lead us to a magnificent life.  The The silver silver silk silk of of the the crane's crane's hair hair refects refects the the sun sun and and the the moon, moon, and and the the red red heart heart is is warm warm and and bloody, bloody, and and the the new new fowers fowers are are fourishing. fourishing. Thank you, teacher A blackboard three-foot platform is the world where you sprinkle your life. We thrive in your world. A piece of chalk in your hand has changed into words on the blackboard and knowledge in our mind. A pointer in front of you constantly fluttering into our hearts the truth of being human. Some people say that Shi En is like a mountain, because it is high and lofty, which makes people worship it.I would also like to say that Shi En is like a sea, because the sea is vast and immeasurable. Thank you. y, let's wish our teachers together. ppy Teachers'Day!

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