How to Create a Three-dimensional Crystal @ Just for design 1. Insert a square and set a wireless bar Square Remove lines When dragging the "Insert" tab shape rectangle left mouse button, press the Shift key to create a square. Select the right key of the square Set the shape format Line Wireless Bar 2. Modify Square Filling Colors 105,98,139 Select the right key of the square Set the shape format Fill Pure color fill Modify the color RGB: 105, 98, 139 3. Modify the three-dimensional square fo rmat Angle selection of prism type Angle selection of prism type Enter half the width of the square Select Square Right-click Set Shape Format Three-dimensional Format Top and Bottom Prism Type Select Angle Both height and width are half the width of a square. PS: Direct input 3.2 cm, ppt will automatically convert to 90.7 pounds 4. Modify the three-dimensional rotation of sq uare Preselected selection Front perspective Input ridge height Select the right button of the square Set the shape format Three-dimensional rotation Preset "Front Perspective" Input the height of the prism just set from the bottom PS: After three-dimensional X/Y/Z rotation, the stereoscopic effect can be seen. 5. extend -1 By increasing the height of the top/bottom prism, the crystal can be sharper. 5. extend -2 If the square height and width are changed, the height and width of the prism need to be reset after enlargement. You can shrink without modification. 5. extend -3 If the direction of crystal illumination is changed, it can be modified by three-dimensional format illumination angle. 5. extend -4 Different types of materials and lighting give crystals different textures 5. extend -5 When the shape is changed to a picture, the artistic effect can be visualized. Example

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