By XJ What is your mentality? 自信乐观型 紧张焦虑 茫然无措 得过且过 So what should we do? Meet the challenge! We need to do two things well. • 1. To cope with long vacatio n syndrome. • 2. Set goals and strive hard. What are the symptoms of long vacation synd rome? • 1. Visual fatigue.Because of the long time of surfing the i nternet, playing games, watching TV, watching DVDs, and fac ing the screen for a long time, the burden on the eyes and brain is increased, resulting in red and swollen eyes, ache s and pains in the whole body, and mental depression. • 2. Dyspepsia.Because the body takes in too much high fat or calorie food, it increases the burden of the stomach and in testines and causes indigestion. • 3. School phobia.Compared with the usual fast-paced life, o nce relaxed thoroughly during the festival, the law of life is broken, resulting in psychological and physiological dis comfort, loss, boredom and fear. • Fourth, tourism sequelae.Travel fatigue and irregular diet, breaking the body's acid-base balance, coupled with environ mental changes, water and soil not acclimatized, very prone to cold fever, corneal inflammation, toothache, oral ulcers and other diseases. How to adjust it? • 1. Relax and go to school easily. • 2. Take deep breaths to cope with the fear of going to school. • Massage, walking, decompression to deal with sleep disorders and fatigue. • 4. Proper exercise to deal with anorex ia nervosa. Do you remember your go al? •Please review your goals •Did you do it last semester? •How should you work hard th is semester? Let's see how we usually do it. • The bell rang and I was still chatting with my desk. • I haven't found the textbook yet after half a day of class. • Copy your homework during the holidays. If you don't do it randomly, you should check it by your teacher. • The paper is illegible... • Classroom distraction, do small actions... • ... A few seconds ago, a classmat e was lying on the table. Maybe in some ways I think I'm mature enough, but I sti ll can't do it in my behavior.In the past few years, I th ink we have not done enough: From attendance, I saw stepping in and even being late. In class, I saw people who were sleepy and distracted: When I gathered in the queue, I saw lazy steps and heard jumbled laughter. In the process of doing exercises, what I see is the action of weakness, what I hear is the slogan of weakness. ... I. Learn to Be a Ma n A person with incomplete knowledge can be compensated by m orality, but a person with incomplete morality can hardly be co mpensated by knowledge. Virtue is a gentleman and virtue is a villain. If you have virtue or no talent, you should make mistakes; if you have talent or no virtue, you sh ould do bad things. Only by virtue and talent can great things be ach ieved. 1. Be a filial person Be gentle with your parents and not extreme. To show a certain degree of independence, so that parent s can rest assured Keep your independence, but don't neglect the communication with your parents. 2. Be an honest person 3. Be a grateful person 4. Be a normative person Ceremo ny 1. Hair style and clothing style meet the requirements of middle school students, dignified appearance , pay attention to personal hygiene. 2. Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the campus consciously, do not litter and spit everywhere. 3. No smoking or drinking in any place. 4. Do not destroy public property or trample on the lawn. 5. Keep quiet, clean and orderly on campus. 6. It is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones or any means of communication into school. Learn to learn Develop good study habits 1. No late, no early departure, no absence from school. 2. Listen attentively, think positively and finish the homework independently and earnestly in class. 3. Good, healthy and friendly cooperation and competition among students, mutual help and m utual learning, and common progress should be formed in learning. 4. Read more healthy and beneficial books and magazines to broaden the scope of knowledge.Do not read un healthy books, consciously refuse to visit unhealthy websites, improve the ability to distinguish right from wr ong. 5. Take a civilized rest during the break. Don't play, make noise or play ball in the teaching corridor. 6. Self-study lessons should be kept quiet, so that teachers are in the same place as no teachers, and develop good habits of consciously observing discipline and learning independently. Learn tolerance

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