Wings for Dreams Lecturer: XXX 自信乐观型 紧张焦虑 茫然无措 得过且过 American, French and Jewish Choices New Idea: What Choices Have What Result Today's life is determined b y our choices three years ag o, and today's choices will determine our lives three ye ars later. I. Learn to Be a Man 2. Learn to Do Things 3. Learning to Learn IV. Learn to Communicate I. Learn to Be a Ma n A person with incomplete knowledge can be compensated by morality, but a person with incomplete morality can har dly be compensated by knowledge. Virtue is a gentleman and virtue is a villain. If you have virtue or no talent, you should mak e mistakes; if you have talent or no virtue, yo u should do bad things. Only by virtue and talent can great things be a chieved. 1. Be a filial person Be gentle with your parents and not extreme. To show a certain degree of independence, so that parents can rest assured Keep your independence, but don't neglect th e communication with your parents. 2. Be an honest person 3. Be a grateful person 4. Be a normative person 1. Hair style and clothing style meet the requirements of middle school students, dignified appearance, pay atte ntion to personal hygiene. 2. Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the campus consciously, do not litter and sp it everywhere. 3. No smoking or drinking in any place. 4. Do not destroy public property or trample on the lawn. 5. Keep quiet, clean and orderly on campus. 5. Be a persistent person Bamboo stone Zheng Banqiao Bite the green hill not relax, the roots w ere in the breaking rock.Millions of battl es are still strong, Rener East-West nort h-south wind. The former became the most gold-absorbing athlete in the world; the latter became the barbecue vendor. 2. Learn to Do Things  Passion work  Master the way of doing things "Case Selection" (1) Targeting  One year, a group of high-spirited proud men graduated from H arvard University in the United States, and they were about t o start crossing their corn fields.Their intelligence, educat ional background and environmental conditions are almost the same.Before leaving school, Harvard conducted a survey of the ir life goals.The results are as follows: 27% of people have no goals; 60% have ambiguous goals; 10% have clear but shortterm goals; and 3% have clear and long-term goals.  Twenty-five years later, Harvard again tracked the students.The result s are as follows: 3% of the people, who have worked tirelessly in one direction for 25 years, have almost become successful people from all walks of life, including industry leaders and social elites; 10% of the people, whose short-term goals have been constantly achieved, have become professionals in various fields, mostly living in the middle and upper classes of society; 60% of the people, who live and work steadily.But there are no special achievements, almost all of them live in the middle and lower strata of society; the remaining 27% of them have no goals in their lives, live a very unsatisfactory life, and often complain about others, society, and the world that "refuses to give them opportunities". Discussion: What inspiration does this story have for you? (2) Distinguishing primary and secondary focus from immediate (immediate action) The long journey needs to be taken step by step, and the realization of lofty ideals needs to struggle bit by bit. "The wood of embracing is born at the end of the millimeter; the ninestorey platform starts from the ear th; the journey of a thousand mile s starts from the foot."  Funnel and Co rn Walking Wire on Niagara Falls in 2012 Valenda - He once set a G uinness World Record by r iding a bicycle 79 metres on a steel wire 31 metres above the ground. Do the work at hand as the only impo rtant thing and devote yourself whol eheartedly, because only by doing th e things at hand can you achieve tod ay's goals, this week's goals, this month's goals and other longer-term goals. Learn to learn What does this story tell us? Value highly one's time Where there are geniuses, I spend the t ime of others drinking coffee at work. Lu Xun

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