Pen and ink effect Hand drawn tutorial Congratulate New spring PS: Everyone may make different effects, even if the same person may make different effects, as long as the effect is achieved, ok. Tip: adding the shape of the text is not allowed to perform shape joint operations, deleting the text can be operated. A B Shape A cuts concentric circles to form B Shapes A and B are copied for later reuse. B B1 B2 Duplicate B and rotate it. Shape C is obtained by combining shapes. C C A D Add shape A, rotate and adjust the size to the right angle, and combine shape A with shape C to get D. D3 D 2 D1 E Reproduce D to rotate and adjust position and shape to get irregular shape E. E F If the prominent part is too thin, the concentric circle can be cut by shape E to get a thick effect. F1 Softe F2 ning poun edge 8 ds Tran spar e selfregu ncy latio n F3 Tran spar e regu ncy selfAddi lation n g in shad ternal ows Duplicate twice, adjust the size and location of F2 and 3 Combination, Completion PS: In fact, the front page has been basically completed.The main steps on this page are to enhance the effect. Because the number of vertices of ink droplets is very large, so don't add a threedimensional format, which can easily lead to the collapse of office programs.Embarrassed Different tones The shape here is made up of the newly completed shape F, which is duplicated again and combined with the shape. Thank you for your inspiration on the color of the fashionable ink elements released by the first smoker on the street. More shapes More shapes Pen and ink effects that can be used as photo frames More shapes Pen and ink effects that can be used as photo frames The charm of design is that unexpected works always come from you. Simple brush and ink The simplified version of the ink effect is to use the right shape 1 to copy repeatedly, rotate, move and zoom to form irregular ink droplet shape.Then add Shape 2 to form splashing effect. 1 2

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