3D FLAT DESIGN By Simon In the quasi-physical environment, stereo sense is realized mainly through the following three aspects: Gradu al chang e Highli ght shado shado w w But in the flat environment, the above three aspects are weakened: ? HOW So how to achieve 3D in a flat environment? A Using shadows SHADOW In flat design, Realistic shadows are seldom used. Instead, this is the case. Shadows with low ambiguity and high transparency Skillfully using shadows, Make stereoscopic sense 1 ONE ONE Basic type 2 TWO TWO Basic model 2 3 THREE THREE Perspective type 4 FOUR FOUR Perspective 2 5 FIVE FIVE Perspective 3 TEXT YOUR TEXT PULL THE DOOR PUSH THE DOOR Will I tell you that there are many wonderful shadows lessons here? Hi ~ Autumn leaves PPT B Color utilization COLOUR Use color skillfully. Create a sense of folding space 1 ONE ONE Folding 1 + It's actually two shapes of different colors. It's actually a combination of three different colors. 2 TWO TWO Folding 2 + + Two colors create a sense of light and dark space. 3 THREE THREE Folding 3 + + It's actually a combination of three different colors. 2 TWO TWO Folding 4 + Similarly, two shapes of different colors are combined. Folding shapes need to be matched by folded text. Stereoscopic effect will be obvious.

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