Diffuse swim garden Create trade term order meter Delimitation book Jiangsu Agricultural and Forestry Vocational and Technical College - 09 Marketing - bayberry in Haili Overview of Team 1) Team name: Haili Bayberry 2) Team members: Yang Guansheng, Li Guangjing, Zhu Haimei and Mei Fang 3) Team beliefs: teamwork, execution, experience II. Project overview 1. Name: Roaming Garden 2. Background of entrepreneurship 1) Students like to travel, tourism consulting services blank. 2) Since the 1980s, farm tourism has sprung up, and "eating farm food, eating farm food, living in farmyard, doing farm work, entertaining farm entertainment and purchasing farm products" has been deeply favored by modern city people. It has become a leisure fashion to experience rural wildlife in the countryside.Based on the analysis of the existing conditions, this paper finds out the problems existing in the current stage of tourism development, and puts forward that the development of farmhouse tourism should be carried out scientifically, rationally and experimentally while improving the infrastructure construction conditions, and strengthen the management of farmhouse tourism, cultivate green concept, establish modern marketing concept, and realize the sustainable health of farmhouse tourism.Development. 3. Project introduction: Combine tourism consultation with tourism service, combine abundant tourism information with tourism resources, and meet customers'tourism needs to the greatest extent.Provide customers with rich tourism information and convenient travel mode. 4. The reasons for entrepreneurship: finding a job is difficult, social pressure is high, social experience is shallow, accumulate certain social experience, to provide students with a position of work-study, to provide them with an opportunity to exercise. 5. Business Philosophy Success requires not only wisdom, but also sweat.Our group will meet the needs of our customers with high quality service and modest attitude.Operate our projects with convenient and fast services, and exchange our actions for customer recognition. We always firmly believe that: ten years of hard work and sweat irrigation, once a state of failure, all lose. Team up with schools to let students experience farming and understand the process of grain planting and farmers'hard work. III. Products and Services 1Consulting business Provide tourism consulting service for teachers and students, combine rich tourism information with enthusiastic service, and meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.At the same time, it can provide customers with their own travel routes and ways to make their journey more pleasant and convenient.(In the process of consultation, we should take into account the related business of hotel, Hotel and travel agency.) 2. Highlights of Tour Park 1) Our first feature is that we have a "civilian Mini Golf course", which has facilities comparable to those of the high-end noble golf courses. The highquality creeping grass-cutting makes more ordinary people enjoy the same feeling as the high-end golf courses, but the price is lower than those of the high-end golf courses. Secondly, the inexpensive service and management will not be reduced.The Golf students of United Agricultural and Forestry College designed the course and visited the park in a practical way. Secondly, our school has golf students, which can provide them with a reasonable venue for practice. Finally, the venue is a combination of our students'spontaneous management and teacher guidance, and actively play the students' independent management ability and management ability. 2) Our second major feature is to transfer the virtual QQ farm and pasture into reality, people can really feel the joy of vegetable planting and picking; secondly, the rich and colorful leisure activities, including bonfire party, tugof-war, meeting, catering, accommodation, fishing, barbecue and so on; finally, our leisure and entertainment environment is elegant and comfortable, food and health safety, reasonable consumption, affordable prices; finally, our leisure and entertainment environment is elegant and comfortable.Combining diversified business channels, good service can win more repeat customers. 3) Our third major feature is our own production of milk products.Under the conditions of obtaining production qualification, our company insists on producing "pollution-free, less additives, pure quality" milk produ

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