Full name Age Occupation Gender number Cell- phone number Current residence ID Business plan 1. What industries do you want to expand? 1) Psychological Counseling and Counseling 2) Creative Copies and Activity Planning 3) Graphic Design and Video Production The above three types of work need strong professionalism, but the market demand space is large, through online communication needs, complete the real service transaction process without meeting, is very suitable for the operation of Ling Pigeon Platform. 2. The advantages and resources you have in these industries; I am currently the operation director, partner, registered human resource engineer and second-level registered engineer of a Guangdong group. I am proficient in copywriting, creativity and design planning.He has been the general manager of Guangzhou Human Resources Co., Ltd. and the general manager of Guangdong Investment Service Company. He has rich experience in enterprise operation and human resources management and training.In the past 20 years, I have met a lot of document planners, legal consultants, psychological consultants, human resource engineers, as well as graphic advertisers and video designers.Most of them bear the high cost of living, have the need to pursue higher quality of life, and usually have more discrete time, so they have a strong incentive to make money, will become high-quality service providers and virtual company entrepreneurs, very suitable for the operation of pigeon platform. 3. How do you plan to expand the network resources of these industries? Because the pigeon uses the way that everyone can build a virtual company system, and organically combines all the involved networking and skills, so that people with managerial ability and wide network can play a huge role.And the great profit prospects of Ling Pigeon's partnership model also provide enough motivation for these people who eat crabs first. I am one of them. With my years of training and experience of communicating with people, combined with my own understanding of the advantages of Ling Pigeon project, we can formulate one-to-one communication program, which can effectively persuade those professionals who have strong motivation to make money to join us.Pigeon platform. In this regard, I have formulated a more detailed plan for recruiting managers and implemented it. Taking full advantage of the people around me and previous training experience, I completed the recruitment of 50 managers in the morning of August 28, and many friends want to join. However, the invitation code is limited, so it needs to be upgraded to partnership talents to continue to invite.After completing the recruitment of 50 managers, I have conducted various operational training for managers in the management group, encouraging managers to establish their own company system, complete the recruitment of their managers and employees, so that managers can act quickly and further expand the second-level network. At present, more than 40 people have been recruited for the second-level network (employees). In the later stage, the following work will be carried out to further expand the industry network and promote the development of virtual company system: 1.Encourage and train managers to establish their own virtual company system as soon as possible, complete the recruitment of 50 managers, so that people with network and management capabilities can become partners faster, and build a passive wealth vision. 2.In-depth training of Ling Pigeon APP order profit model, so that technical and service ability colleagues can achieve revenue as soon as possible.Mainly expand consulting and training and creative planning industries, according to the specialty of employees to take into account other industries. 3.Encourage the team to constantly sum up experience, collect user experience, provide first-hand information for the pigeon team to continuously optimize APP, and provide a solid foundation for the long-term development of pigeon and virtual company. 4.Apply to become a Lingpigeon Partner, further expand the network resources around, make full use of the communication and training capabilities formed over the years, complete more managers'invitations, and strive to cultivate 1-2 partners per month.Establish a passive income system with high added value. 5.Through the application of partners, I will further speed up the recruitment of managers, optimize the training proces

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