Human Resource Management Utility Tool-Recruitment, Selection and Configuration Personnel Records of Employees (Standard, Super Detailed) Note: This file record sheet is relatively informative and suitable for the establishment of a file database for relatively stable employees or key ta basic personal information, family status, pre-employment education and training experience, pre-employment work experience, post-employ adjustment records, rewards and punishments records, training records and so on. Basic Personal Employee created date Information number Full name Gender Date of birth Native place Nation Political outlook height weight Education major Contact number Graduate School Mobile phone Permanent address A specialty or hobby. Emergency contact name Pre-employment education experience Start and stop dates Blood type Permanent address and postcode Additional information Contact number School Name/Place 版权所有:北京未名潮管理顾问有限公司何建湘 Mail box Mail box Get a degree Major Subjects and Achievements Pre-employment training experience time Training theme Pre-employment experience time Work unit Training contents Training institutions Departments, Duties and Main Duties Main achievements Overview of post-employment work (see job description for job information) Recruitment mode _Open recruitment Probation period department Is there any relatives 版权所有:北京未名潮管理顾问有限公司何建湘 No _Recommendation (Name of Recommender: Position:) _Yes (name of relatives and friends: position:) post Correction time Date of signing labor contract Direct superior Direct Subordinates Term of Labor Contract Date of renewal of labor contract Term of Labor Contract Date of renewal of labor contract Term of Labor Contract Procedures of Personnel Archives Post Adjustment and Promotion Records Start and stop time Tenure Department Records of rewards and punishments Annual/Date Incentive/Punishment Categories 版权所有:北京未名潮管理顾问有限公司何建湘 Social Security Procedures Post Reasons for adjustment Reward/Punishment Contents Reason Post-employment training records time Training contents Relatives and social relations relationship father Full name Training form Training institutions Training venue Training teacher Date of birth Work unit department post mother Wife ... Guarantor information (see related guarantee letter for details) 版权所有:北京未名潮管理顾问有限公司何建湘 Name of Guarantor Contact number ID number Permanent address Work unit Mail box post Work contact address Relations with the Guarantee Zip code Copyright: Beijing Weiming Tide Management Consultant Co., Ltd. 版权所有:北京未名潮管理顾问有限公司何建湘 tion r Detailed) y stable employees or key talents.The contents include ork experience, post-employment work profile, post Update date date Marital status Unmarried married childless married divorce Health Title Good Good General Poor Contact address Working in a class Certificator and contact information 版权所有:北京未名潮管理顾问有限公司何建湘 Training form Achievement of certificates or achievements Reasons for leaving Name and contact information of Supervisor mmender: Position:) : position:) Rank 版权所有:北京未名潮管理顾问有限公司何建湘 Wage treatment and rank Rank Wage level Related documents Remarks 版权所有:北京未名潮管理顾问有限公司何建湘 Training objectives Actual results/certification or achievement Contact information Address and zip code 版权所有:北京未名潮管理顾问有限公司何建湘 版权所有:北京未名潮管理顾问有限公司何建湘

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