Personal Work Plan for Kindergarten Teachers in Small Classes Guidance:This personal work plan for kindergarten teachers is for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share it. In the new semester, new hope and new starting point, I will enter the life of the small class together with five other teachers.We are guided by the same goal: let every child live healthily and happily, and develop into a new generation of children who can learn, think, communicate and be creative in an all-round way.We will carry out all our work on the principle of "respecting children, respecting parents and giving priority to the interests of children".Make the following work plan 1. Class situation analysis and work emphasis This semester we will focus on developing children's good routine habits, enhancing children's language ability, self-care ability and social communication ability and music quality.In the work, we should strengthen the guidance of individual children, and combine thematic inquiry activities with daily education, so that children can get all-round development.Second, the development goals of children (1) health field (1) gradually adapt to the collective life of kindergartens, and the mood is basically happy.With the help of adults, they learn to drink, eat, wash their hands and go to the toilet independently. They also learn to wear simple clothes and shoes._Understand simple health knowledge, willing to accept health examinations, know that the five senses know how to protect._Willing to participate in sports activities with peers, develop walking, running, jumping, drilling, climbing and other movements.(2) Language field_Learning Putonghua, willing to use language to express their preferences and needs, learning to communicate with people in Putonghua.Learn to listen quietly to others, understand simple language instructions and act accordingly.I like to read children's songs, listen to stories, watch performances, read books and so on, and learn to express my understanding and feelings.(3) In the social sphere (1) Willing to go to kindergarten, to participate in kindergarten activities, and to be close to teachers or familiar adults.Enjoy playing games with your peers, try to learn to share the waiting and experience the joy._Learn to care about other people's obvious emotional performance and learn to care about others under the inspiration of adults.Be willing to greet familiar people and learn to ask for help and thanks._Learning to compare oneself with others in terms of external characteristics such as gender and appearance._Learning to accept the teacher's advice and instructions, learning to abide by basic rules in collective life.(4) Scientific field_Under the guidance of adults, learn to find interesting things in the surrounding environment._Willing to use a variety of senses to perceive the surrounding objects and phenomena, to understand the obvious features of objects such as color, size, shape and so on.I like to operate and manipulate.Close to nature, love and learn to care for the surrounding plants.(5) Art field_Under the guidance of adults, we can gradually pay attention to and get close to the beautiful things such as flowers, trees, small animals and so on, which are familiar with our surroundings, and create a happy mood.I like listening to music. I can express my feelings about art works by means of action and language._Try to use their favorite colors, materials and tools for art activities, learn to use painting, cutting, pasting, tearing, lifting and other skills.Learn to sing with natural voice, learn to perform and rhythm freely with body movements, like percussion activities, learn to play music games with teachers and peers.3. Education and teaching 1. Do a good job of soothing the freshmen's mood when they enter the kindergarten.Because most children enter the kindergarten for the first time, they will be crying and unwilling to come to the kindergarten. Our teachers should do the following work: (1) Do a good job of home contact before school starts, receive children into the kindergarten, hold a parents'meeting, introduce the situation of the class, let parents fill in a questionnaire on children's family life, so that parents, teachers and children can get familiar with each other as soon as possible.To alleviate the negative emotions of children coming to the garden.(2) Pr

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